Lighten UP!

Have you heard?  There’s a whole new set of light waves flowing into our planet right now.*

You may be feeling a little off, extra tired or fatigued.  Your emotions maybe off the charts or you may be feeling energized.  Your experience will be uniquely yours.

Our bodies are integrating a whole new energy wave.

I want to remind you that it’s important to stay grounded and to stay in your body.

You may be saying, of course I’m in my body.  What I mean is pay attention to your body and take time to listen to its natural rhythms and what it’s asking for.

We do this a lot in our 5 Day Spring Equinox Cleanse, March 16 – 20.

This video will tell you more about it and get you in the spirit of this year’s cleanse.

Each year as we step into Spring there’s even more energy then usual because the Resurrection Flame is flowing in full capacity.

During this year’s Spring Equinox Cleanse we are going to LIGHTEN UP as never before.  I already feel the energy of this cleanse.  It’s going to be very special, filled with the healing balm of heaven.

You will leave this cleanse feeling so LIGHT and more grounded.  Feeling clear minded and energized more than you have been for a long time.  For even more support, bring a friend along with you.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

Please let me know how you’re doing.  Leaven me a comment below, like the video and pass it on.  Light always wants to be shared.



*”The unprecedented influx of Light that will bathe the Earth and all her Life during the Solar Eclipse that is beginning today (March 8) and will build in momentum through the Equinox on March 20th and the Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd has the potential of lifting each of us individually and Humanity collectively above the frequencies of the chaos and the extreme pain of the purging taking place on Earth at this time. Each of us, through our I AM Presence, have the ability to assimilate this powerful Light and to project it into our daily challenges in ways that will greatly assist in easing our stress and the anxiety we may be experiencing.” Patricia Cota – Robles

Are You a Lover?

How are you doing with loving yourself?

We’ve been hearing the message of self love for a while now and how important it is for our spiritual growth.

Until I started to take loving myself seriously and putting it into daily practice, I never felt the Presence of the Company of Heaven and the love of Spirit.  That’s when I was able to start receiving.

I understand now that I can’t strip my ego apart from the rest of me.  I’m not my spiritual self and my ego self, I am one WHOLE being.

My ego self is simply parts of me that I haven’t brought into the fold of my love yet.

That’s all we ever want … is to be loved.

So I’m challenging you to get really practical with loving yourself.

  • Speak words of love to yourself. Say ‘I love you’ to your heart, your body, yourself as often as you can.
  • Don’t miss a mirror opportunity – with every mirror you pass, look into your own eyes and say ‘I love you.’
  • Invite every brat ego part of yourself to come home.
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes.  Use mistakes as opportunities to love yourself even more.
  • Treat yourself as if you were a guest, you deserve the best.
  • Become your best friend.
  • Practice putting yourself first.
  • Receive, receive, receive.  Breath in love and let it penetrate every cell of your body.
  • Drinks lots of water and bless it with love before you take a sip.
  • If you get sick, don’t get mad, go to bed and love yourself up.
  • Ask your Angels to help you feel loved.  They are great at doing that.

I have a gift for you this week, a video of my song,  I AM WORTHY.  Eat it up.  Drink it like mother’s milk, let it nurture every single part of your being…even the parts that you haven’t acknowledged as lovable.

And then give it a thumbs up (or a thumbs down :), subscribe to my YouTube channel &  PASS IT ON! 

Because you know what is received and is then given is SEALED IN YOUR HEART FOREVER.

Thanks so much. I appreciate you.  You are precious and powerful!

Peace Meditation – Elohim PEACE & ALOHA


Are you feeling worried about your life and what you are doing?registration

Or maybe your feel a knot in your stomach every-time you think of what’s going on in the world.  Do you want World Peace?

Are you feeling depressed and disconnected?

The Mighty Elohim Peace says, “I AM Peace. Wherever man entertains the consciousness of peace, there am I in the flame of that consciousness. I AM Aloha. And I AM the salute of peace in the heart of the flame of Peace. ”

Join me January 20th at NOON (PST) as we enter into the very heart of the flame of PEACEpeace meditation



The doors of the Ascension Academy are opening up with this call. Peace and Aloha are anchoring the very heart of Peace within this Academy. Peace will continue throughout every class, every workshop, every student, every process.

This Academy will be a great benefit to the world. Without peace nothing is sustained. This was a huge gift to us from the Elohim.

Whatever we are creating must be held within the feeling of undisturbed Peace. Otherwise it will disintegrate and return to the Universal, the nothingness, where it came from originally.


During this meditation you will:

  • Be washed in Peace & Aloha and start to come to peace with all parts of your life.
  • Experience deep calm that allows you to function at a high level.
  • Experience the majestic presence of the Mighty Elohim, which are part of you.
  • Join with other like minded Peace lovers in lifting up the Earth and all of mankind in the love of ALOHA!
  • Help Jennifer celebrate the opening of The Ascension Academy.


“Your classes have taken me on a deep spiritual journey.  I have met and communed with masters and angels in a way lois w lairdI had not known was possible.  Your teachings have inspired me to raise my vibration using tools that are exciting and compelling to work with.  The journey has only just begun….I know deep and profound changes are ready to manifest in my life because of these teachings.” Lois – Pro Chef, Entrepreneur, Mom

“Now I know we are not alone and it’s not just us and God and there is a company of heaven here tessto assist us.  Also we are ascending masters.  It’s not just for some spiritual people.  We have a purpose and our purpose impacts not just us individually but everyone.” – Tess, retired metaphysicia

Why am I here?

How often have you asked the questions, ‘Why am I here?”  or “What’s my life purpose?”

The good news is your Beloved I AM Presence, your Divine Self, holds your Divine Blueprint. As you become one with your Divine Self all is made perfectly clear and you will know what is yours to do.

In the Ascension Academy, that is our number one priority, courting this all important relationship. It is your key to being your own channel.


The Elohim Peace and Aloha bring us the gift of Peace.  Peace proceeds all healing, nothing is created or sustained without it.

The 7 Mighty Elohim, who built this solar system from a Divine Idea have left us a gift of the 7 Steps of Precipitation. It is an amazing process that we can use to create in our own lives.  It helped me to double my income last year.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

If you want more information about the Peace Meditation (free call) with the Mighty Elohim PEACE & ALOHA on January 20th at NOON (PST) Click here now.

Are you ready to experience PEACE & ALOHA?


What is the Company of Heaven?

You’re an important part of the Company of Heaven.  The Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Mighty Elohim are a huge support to us.  If you need their support, you need to ask for it.  Because we have free will, none of these mighty Beings of Light will ever cross that line.  Ask for what you need.  It’s the first step and a very important one.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

Spiritual Self Care During the Holidays

Take Care of Yourself!

This is a powerful time of year and the current of energy that runs on sparkly ads, deadlines and sugar can be easy to get swept up in.  Don’t allow yourself to go on default this month. Keep taking care of your spiritual self.

Here are a few things that I do to stay awake during this beautiful season.

Stay Connected to Source

I do my best not to skip and skimp on my spiritual practice.  This helps me to keep my heart open and stay grounded.

I stay in touch with my heavenly team:  I ask my Angels to keep reminding me about what this Season is all about. Love, LIGHT and more LOVE!holy season

“These balls of light are very precious gifts from God to fill us all with the true spirit of Christmas which the angels tell me is love, hope and peace. The angels encourage us all at this time to reach out to everyone with kindness. They have been showing me that for many of us  our Christmases have become too materialistic – too much about things and that because many people are worried and stressed about money that they are finding it hard to feel the real spirit of Christmas. This in turn is being felt by children who are holding back on enjoying Christmas because they are aware of the financial concerns of their parents.” – Lorna Byrne – Author of A Message of Hope for the Holiday Season

Stay Supported:  Have meaningful times with friends and family.  Slow down for a cup of tea.  Look in people’s eyes and connect.  I keep showing up in my faith community, for the support of fellowship and like minded encouragement.

I don’t let obligation and quilt run my schedule: It has been a huge lesson for me to learn to put myself first.  When I’m out of sorts and tired I’m no good to anybody and I have nothing to give.  This is my call to go within and spend some more time nurturing myself.

Stay in my Body:  Don’t forget to breath deeply. This is one of the best ways I know to stay present and to keep my heart open.  When I’m at a party, I breath the Light of the Divine into everyone I’m interacting with. This helps me to fully participate.  You know all the goodies are within. And as Daryl, my cleansing co-leader always tells us, your body will always tell you the truth.

Listen to my Body:  I keep up with self care.  Moving my body in ways that feel good with regular exercise always makes my body happy.  Listen to what my body is asking for is a spiritual practice.

Sleep, sleep, glorious sleep:  This time of year is a time of hibernation for many animwaterals and plants.  Sleep is our time of transformation and renewal.  Every part of our being thrives on sleep.  Don’t rob yourself of this cozy treat.

Drink tons of water:  I think of water as my main food source. Water is the element of Winter.

Stay Present with what you eat:  Before you even look at a plate of holiday cookies ask the question, “What’s the healthiest thing I can do right now.”

I stay away from sugar as much as I can.  Sugar begets more sugar.  For me it is a slippery slope that I have a hard time stepping out of once I begin.  Sugar not only lowers my vibration but it begins a cycle of bad food choices.  Then I start letting my little girl have anything she wants.  Oh no, there she goes and I start feeling like crap.

Cleanse after the Holidays.  It is the best way I know to begin the new year.  Taking time out to pause on the usual helps me to hear clearly the directions from my Beloved I AM.

Our 5 Day Winter Cleanse begins on January 2nd.   I look forward to this all Season.  It pulls me into better choices.  This cleanse is open to everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new to cleansing or have a lot of cleansing experience.

Reserve your spot now.  Bring a friend along for the joy of it and get our super special rate.


Center of Light Radio – I am the Light

Your Guardian Angel

Everyone has one.

You are your Guardian Angel’s only job.    Couldn’t you use some help?  It is time to let your Beautiful Ministering Angel off the bench and into the game of your life.

You are precious and powerful.  What makes you precious?  You are a child of the Most High.

What makes you powerful?  You were endowed with all the Power, all the Love and the Infinite Wisdom of the Universe, before you even came here.  This 3 fold-flame lives right in your heart, no matter what.

Before you even came to this Earth, you were a perfect idea in the mind of God.  That ‘divine idea’ that we call you is indestructible.

You have a wonderful ‘board of trustees’ in the Heavenly Realms.  When you made a choice to come here, (to Earth) you met with these loving Beings.  During this meeting is where your sacred vows were established.  Your sacred vows are what you agreed to experience and learn while you are here.

Ministering Angels that have been in training for centuries surround this incredible meeting.  They are checking you out.  And one of them made a choice to be your Guardian Angel.  Like us, these Angels have been given free will and so they must offer to serve.

Angels evolve by serving mankind and the elemental kingdom.

You are your Guardian Angel’s only job.

Your Guardian, Guiding angel is always endeavoring to draw your consciousness to something which is beneficial, constructive and good and hold it there.  It desires to bring you peace.

Your Angel can guide you with anything.  They are messengers right from the heart of God and see beyond time and space.

Angels are here to protect, guide and teach us.

But guess what?  This Loving Angelic Presence can’t do a thing for you unless you ask.  If you don’t ask, this Magnificent Presence has to just wait, and wait and wait.  And it will.

Please start using this tremendous divine gift.

In my Company of Heaven & YOU! Class and also in Walk in the Way of the Angels Class my students get to go through a process where they meet and start communing with their Ministering Angel.

Join us.  Make sure you sign up to receive my newsletter (you’ll receive a gift of my Ho’oponopono Prayer Chant too) and you’ll get notified when we are ready to start.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to start inviting your Ministering Angel to minister to you.

Don’t ever forget, you are POWERFUL and PRECIOUS.




Age of Aquarius and YOU

Are you ready to have your own experience with the power of the Universe?

There are many people talking, channeling, and making predictions about what is going on.  But the most important channel for you is YOU.  Your High Holy Self is waiting to give you everything.

You are a powerful conduit and conductor of Divine Energy. You are very important in this cosmic shift.

You are on a cosmic mission and you are probably starting to feel a strong pull in your Please heart towards it.

Are you ready to start participating?  Are you ready to be the channel for your own life?  Are you ready to step into the sacredness of your own temple and experience the power of your own divinity?

That’s why I have created a series classes on the Company of Heaven.  So you can step into your true place, as a precious and powerful child of the Most High and experience your Mastery.

The Seven Sacred Rays are your best tools for maneuvering through this Age of Aquarius.  The 7th Ray is the Violet Flame.  Let’s begin with this powerful Ray of Mercy, Compassion, Transmutation, Divine Alchemy and FREEDOM.

I am offering a FREEDOM MEDITATION with Saint Germain and the Violet Flame on Wednesday, September 30th, at Noon (PT).  This free call in your invitation to step into the Company of Heaven and experience it for yourself.  CLICK HERE to register now.

The Age of Aquarius began on May 1, 1954.  This 2,000 year cycle has only begun and it is changing everything.  We are finally stepping off the wheel of karma.

The hierarch of this age, Saint Germain and his twin flame Portia, are calling us, through mercy and compassion, into freedom; true freedom to be our Mighty, Glorious God Selves.

They are calling us to take our divine right place of co-creating with the Angelic Kingdom to re-establish the Kingdom of Heaven on this sweet Earth.

Their gift of the violet flame is a stream of Light right from the heart of God that we can use to release us from all pain, all hatred, all lack, all illness… you name it.

Let’s walk together as we deepen into this journey of remembering who we really are, Conscious Masters Presences.