Jennifer’s CD Release Concert August 9th

Jennifer’s first major concert in Los Angeles is on August 9th at 7:30 PM in NOHO Arts District.

The Agape House Band, Extraordinary Music of the Heart and YOU!  What a PERFECT evening.  You will leave uplifted and renewed in every way.

Jennifer’s band are not only top LA studio musicians but her dear friends.

Her favorite guitar player, beloved husband and producer, Michael Gayle, will be leading the band. Most of these excellent musicians play in the Agape House Band and they also played on the recordings.

Doors open at 7:00 PM.  Concert begins at 7:30 PM.

NOHO Arts Center
11136 Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601

There is Free street parking on Sunday evenings.  There is also Free parking at the Television Academy directly across the street from the NOHO Arts Center.

Get your tickets right here.  You can even have your autographed CDs waiting for you when you arrive. $40


Only $17, general admission

Cool thing is admission is FREE for kids under 17. 

“When you first debuted your song “I Am Worthy,” at Agape’s Wednesday service,  I was instantly transfixed by your voice as well as the song’s heart-opening melody and pure lyrics. Once I bought your CD, I listened to it seemingly nonstop, reveling in the alluring, transcendent spell, returning me to my center. I continue to listen to it, and just listened right now to unwind from work and to enter be in my sacred space.  I just wanted to thank you for your powerful work that is healing me and many others, undoubtedly. You are a mighty presence, and I am grateful for all that you are and do. Blessings.”  –Todd Hedell, Los Angeles

New CDs are HERE

These beautiful new twins are our pride and joy. Michael, my beloved husband and producer and I are very proud to bring you these new twin CDs.

Lighten Up with Archangel Michael


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Do you ever feel that something is holding you back and you can’t figure out what it is?

If only you had more faith.

Maybe you keep finding yourself asking the question, ‘Is this all there is?”

Who are the Archangels and what do they have to do with me?

Let’s get some answers to these questions.

Join me at noon (PT) on July 15th for a Lighten Up Meditation with Archangel Michael.

archangel michael

Register for this free call here.

  • I understand that by completing this form I will be automatically added to the mailing list for the Lighten up with Archangel Michael list. If I select no, I will not receive any emails about the program. Please whitelist or add to be sure you receive all emails for this list.

    We will never rent, sell or otherwise give away or share your personal information.

The Great Archangel Michael is the most well known Archangel. There is a reason for that. He’s been with us on Earth since the very beginning of our experience here and is intimately connected to us.

He’s celebrated in sacred text and in paintings of almost every Spiritual tradition.

He is the Archangel of Protection and the Defender of Faith. He is the Prince of the Archangels and the Angelic Hosts. He’s also called the Angel of Deliverance.

He is in loving service to humanity, that means you. He has promised to never give up his daily service to the world until the last child of Light on this planet has risen to their God Source.

Archangel Michael is there when you take your first breath and he will gentle carry you into the next realm when you transition from this Earth.

More important than that, he is here to help you every moment of every day on your journey in this dimension.

During this call you will:

  • Lighten your burdens
  • Be in a safe place to let yourself open up and release
  • Begin to experience the bouyancy and Light that the Angels bring
  • Begin to empower your relationship with the Angelic Realm

What people are saying

Alejandra Hein
Alejandra Hein
...this class is my answered prayer...

It has been a real blessing for me to have found you and through you the Company of Heaven. As I told you before, this class is my answered prayer. Deep in my soul I had this yearning to re-connect with the angelic realm.

Peter Ross
Peter Ross
Writer, Brooklyn, New York
my relationship to these teachings is very dynamic

my relationship to these teachings is very dynamic..the ideas presented take on life beyond the intellectual conceptual…

Conscious Breathing

I know our breath is essential to staying alive.  When we stop breathing we leave the earth plane.

But our breath can also be used as a conduit for healing and transformation.

Breath can be used as a conversation.  As you breath in you receive Life Itself as you breath out you distribute it throughout your body in gratitude.

I like to use the breath with the qualities of my own Divinity.  I breathe in Love, and I then breathe love into every cell of my body.  Breathe in Peace and breathe out peace to any situation I see that is asking for peace.  The news gives us plenty of opportunites for this practice.

If I’m needing some words when I’m writing a song or a blog, I Breathe in clarity, remembering there’s no confusion in the Mind of God, which I am, and I breath out knowing and distribute it into whatever I’m working on.

When you find yourself in fear, try this practice.  Go outside, if you can, anywhere will do…stand on the earth, place your hand on your stomach and breath through your nostrils, filling up your belly.  Let your out breath be longer than your in breath.  Bring your focus to your breath for 5 minutes.  This will help you get out of your head, where fear resides and into your body that is always in the present.

Happy Conscious Breathing


Early in the morning or after a rain is the most delicious time. When you connect the middle of the ball of your foot; a point known to acupuncturists as Kidney 1 (K1), It connects to all of the meridians, every nook and cranny of your body. It transfers the free electrons from the Earth into your body. These free electrons are probably the most potent antioxidants known to man. Remember we are bioelectrical beings.

Take Advantage of the Mirror

Your self-esteem is your number one asset. You are God expressed. The more you start seeing yourself as God sees you, the healthier and more powerful your expression is in the world. It’s easier for you to receive love and goodness. You start feeling sexier more alive and vivacious


Cleansing is simply giving your body a break from your usual intake of food and drink. It can be practiced in many different ways.
I end each season and welcome the next with a gentle 5-Day Cleanse. It not only helps me to be in touch with Mother Earth and her rhythms. It helps me to tune in to my own body and hear what it has to tell me.

Intuition and clarity comes through the body not the mind. I want my body to be an open channel to receive the highest thoughts of the I AM Presence.

When I cleanse my meditations go much deeper and the vision for my next 3 months rises up in complete clarity.

I worked with Rickie Byars Beckwith at Agape for years. She gently mentored me into this practice. I use to do it alone, but now I invite others to join me. My friend Daryl Glinn-Tanner is an expert cleanser and she always guides everyone through the physical part of our cleanse.

I would love for you to join me in a 5-Day Seasonal cleanse. If you’re interested, click here to sign up for the Seasonal Cleanse newsletter.