Welcome Ascending Masters…yes that’s right you are Ascending.  Beloved Virgo, our dear Mother Earth is ascending now and we have the choice to go with her.

Did you know that you were not created to stay in this lower density of the third dimension.  You are created out of Pure God Light and to the Light you are returning.  That is a really simple definition of Ascension.

The good news is that the Ascended Masters, (Buddha, Jesus, Quan Yin, Saint Germain, to name a few)  the Angelic Realm and the Mighty Elohim have created a bridge for you. A bridge to take you from the pain of suffering, feeling alone and lost, and from the sorrow of separation into your complete Spiritual Freedom.

Beloved masters, you have been living in an unreal world: a world of illusion whereby the truth has been distorted, altered and even deleted in order to take away your God-given powers and keep you captive in a reality of fear, struggle and deprivation.

The Creator’s master plan for this universe is stored away with in your Sacred Mind, and the key to the wisdom of the ages and the ability to once again become a master cocreator on the Earth plane is stored within your Sacred Heart.” – Archangel Michael

Wow, maybe your reading these high words and your wondering about the practical day to day experience of them.

Have you heard that you are a powerful being, but you don’t feel like it and your life is definitely not reflecting that right now?

Are you feeling out of sorts spiritually?  Have you tried lots of different spiritual paths and nothing seems to be working right now?

Are you experiencing some depression and loneliness?

Maybe you have a lot of questions. What happens when we die?  Are there really angels?  Can I really commune with my Guardian Angel?  Can I work directly with the Ascended Masters?

So many questions and each has an answer.

That’s why I created The Soul Ascension Masters Program (aka Your Ascension Academy)

Soul Ascension Masters Program is a year long program that has been specifically designed to help you to get to know and experience the Company of Heaven and your own journey of Ascension.

On this journey you will:

  • Discover the power of the Seven Sacred Rays

    • Find out what Great Ray you come from and which Ray you are working on now
    • Become spiritual allies with the team on each ray
    • Learn how to use the powerful Sacred Fire in your every day life
  • Get to know the Ascended Masters

    • Study the teachings of the Ascended Masters
    • Get to know the Masters through meditations, prayers and exercises.
    • Open up more and more to the idea that we are all in this together.
  • Walk with the Angels

    • Get to know your Guardian Angel
    • Let the Angelic realm help you feel the Presence of the Creator in your life
    • Get really good at asking, asking, asking and commanding your good
  • Get to know the Company of Heaven

    • Learn about the protocols of working with the Heavenly Realms
    • Fall in love with your own heart, your Beloved I AM and the 3 Fold-Flame within it
    • Find out the history of our origins and how we got here
  • Learn how to create with the Mighty Elohim

    • Learn how to manifest your heart’s desire, including abundance
    • Start using your creative powers as God intended them to be used.
    • Stop mis-creating
  • Be surrounded in a community of like-minded people

    • You will have daily interaction on our Community Face Book Group
    • You will be held in daily prayer
    • You will have many opportunities to ask questions and get answers

You have an entire team in the invisible that is here to guide you in everything. You have 24/7 access to all the Love, all the Power and all the Intelligence of the Universe.

Your community of ascending masters and com-padres, on the Earth, will also be growing and become more visible to you. No one in the Company of Heaven works alone.  As we come more and more together in community, we will be supporting each others to blossom and expand in our divine gifts.

i feel such lPeter ove from the universe.i had never walked feeling other than alone before and your classes helped correct this unforgiving belief. knowing i am so loved has helped me accept come into deeper self forgiveness and self love. thank you again.  ~ Peter, Writer – New York City

tess“Overall my “big picture” has gotten much bigger  with the idea that we are all here now to ascend with the planet  and we are here to assist the planet and our brothers and sisters.  That said while I believe there are many awakening people on the planet now, but I am not acquainted with them in my local community, so the classes were helpful in connecting with others with the same interests. ~ Tess, long time metaphysician

Soul Ascension Masters Program includes

Master Courses:

Every class is recorded and immediately available.  You can take each class on your schedule or join us live, it’s your choice.

  1. The Seven Sacred Flames
  2. The Company of Heaven & YOU!
  3. Walk in the Way of the Angels 
  4. Creating with the Mighty Elohim
  5. Mother Mary’s Healing Class

Mystical Journey 1:1 Sessions 

These journeys will take you  deep into the clarity of your own soul

Monthly Ascension Ceremony

Weekly Mystical Circles

Weekly Violet Flame Invocation Prayer Circle

Daily Community Interaction on our private Facebook Page

Prayer Partnerships (optional)

Registration is now open.

Stephanie Dawn“My studies of the Ascended Masters with Jennifer Russell has brought new life to my spiritual practice. I now have a relationship and rely on my ‘spiritual allies’ Lord Sananda, Lady Nada and Mother Mary specifically. I know I have access to the teachings of all the ascended masters and the entire company of Heaven.  I never had that prior to these classes. They have expanded my ideas of life, of God, of what it means to be Spirit in this human experience.”   ~Stephanie Dawn, Mother, Entrepreneur, Sacred Business Coach – Los Angeles  

Sheryl“I have especially enjoyed the meditations and having the ability to visit the Ascended Master retreats.  I especially like the fact that it comes to my home, and there’s no place I have to go.  Having reconnected to the ascended master teachings in this way has been a confirmation to me that this is what I need to be doing. I feel a higher sense of purpose, connecting to the Ascended Masters and the Angelic kingdom, and incorporating these prayers, affirmations and meditations into my daily spiritual practices.” ~ Sherry, Spiritual Practitioner – Oak Park, MI