Do you believe in Angels?

Have you been going through a spiritual awakening but your church doesn’t seem to fit you any more?

Does your family think you’re crazy or a bit too woo-woo?

Are you feeling alone on your journey and you miss spiritual community?

Are you curious about Ascension, but it sounds a little scary?

That’s why I began Your Ascension Academy.  Because I was very curious about interacting with the Heavenly Realms and I didn’t have a clue as to how to communicate and learn from the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and the Mighty Elohim.

I wanted some companionship on this amazing journey.

That’s why I created the INNER CIRCLE of Your Ascension Academy.

I wanted to provide a special spot by the fire for you.  A place where you will be loved and supported on your journey no matter what it looks like.

The Inner Circle
brings you right into an intimate
and nurturing spiritual community.
In this community we are not only interested
in our Ascension and what that actually means,
but very excited about it.

The Inner Circle includes

  • Weekly Violet Flame Invocation Circle

    Your Ascension Academy’s weekly Violet Flame Invocation Circle to is a time to unite in prayer. We meet every Thursday evening at 5PM (PT).  You name it and we’ll pray about it; Divine Governance, health and wholeness, freedom for all people, abundance for all, and for our children and so much more. If you can’t join us live, join us when you can on the replay.  The energy of invocation lives on and must fulfill itself.   Please note we do not meet on Holidays.

  • Monthly Ascension Ceremony and Community Gathering

    This Ascension Ceremony is sponsored and lead by Saint Germain, Adama and Seraphis Bay  It will help you move forward on your personal path of ascension and it’s so powerful to do this together.  We will always have time to check in on how you are doing on your path.

  • Mystical Journey Meditation

    Every month you will  receive a new recorded guided meditation of a Mystical Journey.  These amazing journeys will help you experience deep healing, especially taking them into your sleep time. You will listen to them over and over again.

  • Sacred exercise

    Every month you will receive a new sacred teaching exercise that will help you on your path of ascension.

  • Heart Opening Songs

    An original new song from Jennifer’s rich collection to yours each month.

  • Seven Sacred Rays Facebook Forum

    You will also become a member of our Face Book group that interacts daily.  We are serious and excited about this journey of our ascension.  You can share anything you want in this closed group

Save your spot in the Inner Circle Now

Your 1st month is free

After that it is only $9 a month and you can step out at any time.