Ocean prayer

“And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the work of our hands.” Psalms 90:17 (KJV)

Beauty is an eternal calling to our hearts.  It’s PURE GOD SUBSTANCE and we thrive in it and desire it. We love seeing it in our hearts and our bodies and in our environment.  It is our natural Divine birthright.

When I heard that the garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean is now larger than the the country of Mexico and that we, the human race, produce 3.5 million tons of waste a day and if we don’t change our habits, this number may increase to 11 million by 2100…It has brought me to my knees in prayer.

Knowing that everything begins with consciousness, we have to change within before we see the manifestation on the outside. I’m asking you to join me.

I’m calling in the Divine qualities of Beauty and Purity into our oceans.  Please join me in this prayer as you listen to ‘beauty’, our meditation song, from the CD ‘be.’

Prayer for the restoration of purity and beauty in our oceans.

In the name of I Am that I Am, the Presence of the Almighty Spirit within me, I recognize the Love and the Beauty that created this precious Earth, created me, all of my brothers and sisters and all creatures on the earth and in her waters.

I am my Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and I am one with I AM Presence of all humanity, I AM one with all life on this planet and with all living creatures within her waters.

Through the Presence of the three-fold flame of Love, Wisdom and Power within my heart I invoke Archangel Michael, his league of Blue Flame Angels and the Mighty Elohim Astrea to lasso all garbage on this planet and especially in our oceans with the Blue Lightening of Divine Authority and God’s will.  Breakup the patches of garbage accumulating in the Pacific ocean and all oceans on this planet.

I invoke the Sacred Fire of the Violet Flame, Saint Germain, Archangel Zadkiel, Holy Amethyst and all the Violet Flame Angels of Divine Alchemy to flood through the oceans and all bodies of water on this Earth and to transmute all human creation that has caused garbage, in all of its forms, to be dissolved back into the purity of beauty and love.

Help us to solve this problem of consuming and waste.  Give us wisdom as we take responsibility for our part in this problem,  so that we may participate in the restoration of beauty and purity in our thoughts and in the oceans and all bodies of water on our beloved earth.

Thank you Beloved Ascended Masters, Archangels and the Mighty Elohim for all that you do to help us transcend the garbage of this world and create a world that works for everyone, including the beautiful creatures of the sea.  We are grateful for your assistance to get us out of this mess.

I’m grateful that it is done according to God’s Holy Will.  So above, so below.

It is done and SO IT IS!  Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM

Here’s more info on the garbage patch. https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/07/ocean-plastic-patch-south-pacific-spd/

Please add your prayer below so we can increase the momentum of this Light.



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  1. Donna Kassewitz
    Donna Kassewitz says:

    Well said Jennifer! I repeated your prayer out loud while watching your video. Very nice! You asked for our additional prayers, so I AM adding in the Violet Flame prayer that Spirit & the Dolphins gave to me for healing the oceans. I was shown that the Dolphins very much like to participate in these Activities of Light for healing all water, and in fact, this team effort is a big part of the new level of Human-Dolphin Partnerships for Manifesting Heaven on Earth. So as you do the following prayer, see yourself in a large circle of both Humans and Dolphins, hand-in-fin, invoking the Violet Flame together. Here is the prayer:
    Mighty I AM Presence Bright
    We call forth your Gift of Light.
    We invoke the Violet Ray
    to transform us all this very day.
    (Pause and take a deep breath to let the Violet Flame adjust your energies)
    We are now ONE with the Violet Flame
    Fully manifest in Human & Dolphin form
    to serve the Cause of Light
    to Manifest Heaven on Earth.
    We call forth the Violet Fire
    to heal and transform all water on Earth.
    Every underground spring,
    Every flowing stream,
    Every tranquil pond and lake,
    Every river, large and small,
    Every pool, reservoir, and estuary,
    Every gulf and every bay,
    Every sea and every ocean,
    Every iceberg and glacier,
    Every cloud, raindrop and snowflake,
    And every particle of water
    in every life form on Earth,
    is now bathed in Holy Light,
    According to the Divine Templates
    for Heaven on Earth!
    And so it is!
    : )

  2. Therese
    Therese says:

    I love the music, I love the prayer and I am listening and praying every day. If not us human who else? We are so lucky to live on such a wonderful planet. Thanks Jennifer for the music and prayer.

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