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If there is a place that you feel stuck in your life, please make a request about it.

If there’s a member of your family who’s having a hard time, make a request.

If you have a burden on your heart for the world or Mother Earth, make a request. You can’t get this wrong and you can ask for anything.

Twice a year, in June and December, the Royal Teton Retreat above the Grand Teton mountain range in Wyoming, is open for this grand event.   These meetings of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings of Light is where the energy, expansion and manifestation of the divine plan for our planet is decided.

Our requests and petitions are welcome and influence the divine plan. In our lives and the life of our planet.  Very simply stated, the divine plan is to restore Heaven on Earth in all forms.

The deadline for our petitions is June or December 15th.

The Karmic Board is a loving and merciful body of Light.  They are cheering us on as we return our God energy back to God.

Who are the current members of the Karmic Board?

Lady Portia (Saint Germain’s twin flame) the Goddess of Justice and spokesperson for the Board,

The Goddess of Liberty, Lady Nada the Goddess of Love and Chohan of the Sixth Ray,

Pallas Athena the Goddess of Truth, Elohim Vista the All Seeing Eye of God,

Kwan Yin the Goddess of Mercy, and the Great Divine Director the Manu of the Seventh Root Race

Your Free Guide to write a Petition to the Karmic Board will educate you about the Royal Teton Retreat, the important dates you need to know, more about the Karmic Board and their responsibilities, and simple steps in writing your own petitions.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to make a difference.  You are part of this great Mystery School.


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  1. Marti Leviel
    Marti Leviel says:

    I just went for a walk to reflect on what I wish to ask. For me, the obvious thing is to have my digestive issues healed. As I reflected on that request, I concluded that the greater wisdom is to allow my digestion to continue working perfectly, as I realize that it is merely doing its job in either getting my attention or helping me to let go. So, instead I want to ask for more Trust and clarity and Connection in order to more accurately read the signals that come my way.

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