5 Day Angelic Autumn Equinox Detox & Cleanse 

September 18th-22nd

Are you feeling like you lack mental clarity and energy? Are you feeling disconnected from your Source?

Autumn is the energy of Metal, the time when nature rids itself of what is not needed, when nature sheds its leaves and let go of the rubbish it no longer needs. With those leaves it produces its own compost, enriching the soil, ensuring the next cycle has the nutrients it needs to grow. 

The 5 Day Autumn Equinox Cleanse is an opportunity for you to release into the harvest of your life.  

The stillness our cleanse provides will bring you into this next season fully prepared to see God’s plan for you.

Sometimes you just need to stop, to be still and let your body, mind and spirit renew. This is the perfect time. Renew yourself and prepare for Autumn. Take some time to give yourself and your body some attention. We will be releasing anything that no longer serves us. This safe, like-minded, Agape community, is a good place to get what you need so you’re ready to have the best Autumn of your life.


Your investment in self-care is only $157. Save $30 when you register before September 15, 2017 with our early bird pricing of $127.  


Early bird bring-a-friend along special is only $187 ($67 savings).

"Thank you for your amazing consciousness & your care & loving support. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful cleanse experience. I am clear & freed of so much that no longer serves me."

Ray Davis 

"Thank you Jennifer and Daryl this was exquisite. The 5 Day Autumn Equinox Cleanse was just what I needed! My expectations were far surpassed! Bless you!"

Roz Esposito

Jennifer is a Spiritual Mentor, an Award Winning Songwriter & Singer, an Inspirational Speaker & Facilitator. Jennifer is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner. She was trained at Agape International Spiritual Center and is now serving at the Center for Spiritual Living Camarillo. Her mentor is Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder and director of the Agape International Spiritual Center.  

“A moment with Jennifer is like immersing yourself in the inspiration of the best music and the love of a most powerful prayer.” -Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

My friend Daryl Glinn-Tanner will lead us with her expertise in a simple physical cleansing (not a fast). She has designed different choices for us. If this is your first cleanse or you have a lot of experience in cleansing, she’s got a plan for you. (You are also welcome to create your own.)  

We will send you some brief instructions for preparation as soon as you sign up.  

When: Beginning Monday, September 18th through Autumn Equinox, September 22nd. We will meet at 7 AM (PDT) everyday.  

Where: In your favorite chair on the phone. Just in case you have to miss a morning, all calls will be recorded.  

What: We will begin on Monday morning with a meditation, prayer and short visioning. (Rev. Michael Beckwith’s Visioning Process).  

We will be meeting everyday on the phone to have a short meditation and prayer. There will be simple homework, designed for deep listening, cleansing and renewal.

"I was impressed with the depth of the work asked of my spirit to join this group. Instead of a little dietary change, as I imagined it to be, this was actually a very deep “retreat” into the self and the Self. In addition to the dietary cleansing, the spiritual work requires an inward journey that is profound and meaningful, even for one who was taking it lightly. It’s like a retreat in the middle of an ordinary week. It requires commitment and intention and its rewards are a re-emergence into a new state of mind and body. It’s quite worth the journey and be prepared for more than you might think!"

Rev. Grace Love Joy 

"I want to thank Jennifer and Daryl for the life changing 5 Day Winter Cleanse to jumpstart the New Year. This cleanse was like no other cleanse I ever experienced. I didn’t believe that I could go 5 days without any protein, but to my surprise, my belief has totally changed. This cleanse was easy to follow and the calls every morning were worth the price of admission alone. Jennifer’s beautiful prayers and guided imagery led us in a truly transformational space to release toxins from the mind, body and the spirit. She truly has an amazing gift. Thank you so much for this life changing/affirming 5 days. Thank you!”

Sandra Ruggles

Daryl is all about what is fresh, natural and beneficial for the healing of mankind and protection of the earth and water. She is the Creator of Divine Response: Her innovative Hair, Skin and Home Care line of products, are derived from all natural ingredients that benefit and aids in the purity of rinsed water and soil enrichment at the end of cycled use. Her products are designed to provide “cradle to cradle” holistic care with sustainable, plant based, all natural ingredients. Creating a web of connectedness. Daryl is an artist of life, a writer, poet and inspirational speaker. She also has 25 years of experience related to nutritional and dietary cleanse treatments. She is a Level 3 Aromatherapist and a Level 3 Reiki Practitioner.

"Daryl’s Divine Response hair products are literally ‘out of this world.’ They are gentle on my hair, smell good and are great for the planet too. I love them and have been using them for over 7 years." -A Very Happy Client

  "I cleaned my fridge, I’m decluttering my office, reconnected with green veggies, feel a flow of healthy eating, depth, hope, movement forward, raw openness, self-awareness, love coming together in community, body, food, spirit." -Carolyn R.

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