5-Day Summer Solstice Cleanse

June 16th – June 20th ♥ Early Bird ends on June 13th

Are you tired of hearing that voice in your head saying, “I’ve got to quit eating like this?”

Wouldn’t it be great to have complete dominion over what you eat and enjoy it?

In Summer we experience the element of Fire.  It’s the time when young energy that arose in the spring expands to its maximum potential.  The Fire element is also about connecting.

Summer invites us to connect with our body and our food.  As we become more conscious with our food, it not only is more satisfying and fills us, we start taking dominion (control) over what no longer serves us.

The 5 Day Summer Solstice Cleanse invites you to step into a deeper connection with yourself, your spiritual practice, your body and your food.