My Debt Story

My debt story!

In my last video (Lady Hope and Your Debt) we were calling on Lady Hope, the Archaii of the Ascension Ray to help us go beyond the appearance of debt for ourselves and for all humanity.

We are calling on assistance to help us release all guilt and shame and to take dominion in this area of our lives.

I know this is not a popular topic, but I have to tell you that after talking and mentoring hundreds of lightworkers this is our biggest pain, our greatest shame.

And as I said, it’s keeping us from visioning and creating the new earth, which is our job right now.

I want to share my debt story with you today, but before we do that I want to pray for this area of our lives.

Watch the video (10 min) to receive this prayer and to hear my debt story.

My debt story.

I’ve had my own business for over 16 years as a musician and a spiritual mentor.

I was addicted to lack.   I didn’t know it at the time.  I was always focused on the lack in my life and how to get the next fix of money.

If I didn’t have the money when I needed it, I would do almost anything, except steal to get it.

I would borrow the money from friends and family.  That brought a lot of strain and stress into my relationships.  I lost friends, precious friends.  And I would also borrow from credit card companies.

But when I got the money, from wherever … I felt that release, like a drug addict that had gotten a fix.

But when you’re living in lack (which is a state of mind) the money is never enough. .. never!

Then the cycle would repeat itself.

When I made the BIG decision in my life to take back my power around money and put my Beloved I AM Presence in charge of my financial life, I had to look at my debt.  I had to make amends with myself and with others.

This is the same time I started opening up to the Angelic Realm for assistance.  Thank God, I was able to go into this dark area of my life and forgive and release.

The first thing I did was get rid of my credit cards.  Since I am always SOURCED and supplied I decided to take that literally,  if I don’t have the money on hand  … then the timing isn’t right or something’s off.  And if it was a part of my divine plan the money would be provided for; which has been demonstrated to me over and over again.

One debt at a time, I began to take responsibility.  I realized that I was intimately connected and indebted, to each person and to each company that I had debt with.

This wasn’t comfortable but it was incredibly freeing.

I had incurred a lot of debt to my Beloved Mother.  She had loaned me money many times, it hadn’t been easy for her and I was determined to make this right.

She made her transition before I had completed my repayments.  After her death when my siblings and I got together to have the ‘money talk.”  I made it clear to them what my debt was and that I would be grateful if it was dissolved into my portion of the inheritance.  Believe me, my Mom was a missionary and didn’t have a lot of money.

I was in complete surrender about this.  I was asked to leave the room so they could discuss it freely.  When I was asked back into the circle, they told me that I was forgiven this debt completely.  And that I would be receiving the same amount everyone else was.

Oh my Godness, it was complete GRACE.

I can’t describe to you the karma, the shame, the guilt, the old crap that was released in that instance.

That has happened over and over to me in completely different situations.  When I look at my debt and deal with it in complete surrender and from my Higher Self it is doable and miraculously it actually dissolves.

You can’t do this from your lower self or maybe better said from your caterpillar self.  In fact you can’t really know abundance from your human self.  You have to step into your Butterfly, your ascended state of consciousness.

This is where the Angels can be so helpful.

And once again I want to invite you to call on Lady Hope.

If you are looking at your debt, through the lens of shame and hopelessness and the old financial structure of this world, that is dissolving.  You can’t do this.

I’m going to challenge you to look at your debt from your Butterfly Self.  From beyond your current state, beyond the appearances that feel so real.

Keep getting to know Lady Hope the Cosmic Spirit of Resurrection and ask her to help you take care of this.

The Resurrection Flame brings us back to the Divine Perfection of our life, our Divine Blueprint.

Everything in your life and mine must be balanced.

So I urge you to take baby steps this week in stepping into your divine authority in your debt life.  You are the only one in your life that can do this.  And you have everything you need to do it.

Do it for your own spiritual growth and for your own ascension into your butterfly self.

So what baby step can you take today to take back your power around your debt?   Tell me in a comment below.

Don’t forget you are powerful and you are precious.  You are here to know complete FREEDOM.

Lady Hope and Your Debt

Are you stuck in debt and really psst off at this whole money system in the world right now?

We can go beyond what’s happening right now. Watch the video. (6:07)

It’s time to start owning your relationship with money instead of ignoring it.  Ignoring your fears and anger around money is costing you not only your joy and your health, but the ability to co-create abundance and ease.

Today I want to talk specifically about debt.

Debt has been with us for a long time.  How much debt we have and how we’re dealing with it has everything to do with how we’re moving into 5th dimensional living and creating our new relationship with money.

Why is it so important?

Debt is deep within our cells, it can bring us to our knees in fear.  It can wake us up in the middle of the night in panic.

That old Fear of being sent to the poor house, into powerlessness and separation can feel very real.

Debt was established by “greed power.”  The poor houses were created to give the poor and downtrodden a way to “pay” back their unending debt and they would have to give up their children as indentured servants … as slaves.

Debt was formed on a corrupt system.

It’s never stopped. Now our credit reports are really our debt reports.  They measure how we pay off debt.

Have our corporate financial institutions, become debt farms?

And we are carrying this around in the cells of our physical body and the memory of etheric bodies.

This is absolutely crazy.

The price we are paying for our debt is way more than the interest attached to it or the amount that we owe.

Just ask yourself.  How often to you think about your debt and how do you feel when you think about it?

Our debt is stopping us from co-creating.

It’s taking away our ability to vision abundance for ourselves and the new world.

We can change this.  In fact it’s our job to change it.

We need to change this within so we can create this in the outer world.

So I want to ask you to do two things this week.

1st I’m going to ask you to take “paying off your debt” out of your vision of divine abundance.

I’m asking you to go beyond debt in your BIG DREAM:  Because if you are thinking about the lack of money and your debt, instead of where you want to go, you’re not co-creating.

I’m not saying ignore your debt, in fact that’s the 2nd thing I’m asking you to do this week is to look at your debt.

Simply look at your debt without judgment.

Ignoring it just keeps it in the energy of worry and doubt. It’s taking up rent in your mind.

Remember your job is to stay high in the frequency of abundance.

Don’t let guilt creep into your debt.  Guilt always requires punishment.

Just look at it without guilt or shame and allow the beautiful Archaii Lady Hope to help you with this.

Lady Hope is the perfect support for this.

Lady Hope is Archangel Gabriel’s divine complement, his twin flame.  She is the Archaii on the 4th Ray, the Ascension Ray.   This ray is brilliant effervescent white.  Its’ God qualities are purity, wholeness and ascension.

Lady Hope is asking you to let her in.

This is what Lady Hope says:

“I AM the Cosmic Spirit of Resurrection blazing through nature’s kingdom. So why are you, mankind, aloof to Me?

“Command ye Me, O mankind of this Earth! Why linger longer in decay! Why linger longer in those bonds of disintegration!

I AM speaking to your hearts! What do you seek? Hope, Illumination! Peace! Purity! Beauty! God Supply! You had it all once! It lives within you – but it is dormant…

Command Ye Me!  I AM that Spark which, kindled with your life essence, can resurrect for you the Immortality that you once knew!

“Come ye back from the dead, and grasp My Hand in Love and Light! Let me enter into your imprisoned consciousness…” *

Here’s a simple decree that will help you to call on Lady Hope as you look at your debt this week.

Through My Beloved I AM Presence, I call on Archangel Michael to surround me in Divine Protection and  I invoke the Presence of Lady Hope to help me lift into a completely new thought and feeling around my debt.

Lady Hope I command you to resurrect my vision of true wealth and abundance beyond the appearances of debt for myself and all of humanity.  Help me to release all guilt and shame and to take dominion in this area of my life.



*Partial message of Beloved Hope through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   March 19, 1955, U.S.A.