What is Ascension?

Do you know what Ascension means?

Does it sound like something that happened long ago to Jesus and Mother Mary, but it doesn’t have much to do with you?

Does it feel like science fiction and unnatural?

Let’s talk about it. I want to hear all of your questions.  Watch this short video to learn more.

I remember when my friend, Rev. Jennifer Hadley, first talked to me about Ascension.  I couldn’t relate to what she was talking about.  My first thought was “why?”  I was just trying to learn how to be here on Earth.

I am so grateful she told me about it and open my eyes to what Ascension is.  I have been studying it now for many years.

Your Ascension won’t happen without your decision or desire. I have a feeling you don’t know enough about it to even think what this could mean for you.  That’s not a problem.

Ascension is truly a gift and it is your birthright.

I want to build this New Earth with you! Let’s do it together.

Ascension Q & A Discussion is on June 29th at Noon (PST).

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The Pendulum

Do you have a diving tool?

What about your body?  Did you know that your body is a divining tool?

In the Ascension Academy we are learning to trust our inner guidance, flowing through our bodies, more and more as we ascend.

When I was in my final year of Practitioner training at Agape International Spiritual Center, Rev. Kathleen McNamara shared with us that we live in a binary universe.

I got very excited.  If there are only one of two answers, the ‘Yes’ or the ‘No’ that makes it simple and clear.  I like simple and clear.

Ask a good question and you’ll always get a solid answer.

I use a pendulum to confirm my inner guidance.  It is simple and it is clear.  It is a sacred tool and it’s important to use it that way.

Remember with me that Infinite Intelligence runs through the very cells, atoms and electrons that make up our bodies.

I use a diving tool to ask about what is the optimum for me to eat and drink.

Why follow someone else’s diet when you can ask your own nutritionist, right within your own body.

This video will show you exactly how to use the pendulum.  Keep it sacred and remember that every cell in your body is a channel of Infinite knowing.

Here’s the 5 steps that I use with this divining tool.

  1. Spend some time in pray or meditation to hook up to your Beloved I AM Presence, your Source.
  2. Ask if this is a good time to ask a question. If you are in your ego mind it is not a good time to ask a question and your pendulum will tell you that. Establish your yes and your no.  The Universe flows from left to right, clockwise.
  3. Ask for assistance from someone in the Company of Heaven. Someone that has been at this game longer than you have.
  4. Set a high intention of getting clear answers to your questions.
  5. Ask clear ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Or tell me about your divining tool.  I’d love to hear about it.  Leave a comment below.

As we are all going through our own spiritual awakening, let’s use every tool we have.

Peace Meditation – Elohim PEACE & ALOHA


Are you feeling worried about your life and what you are doing?registration

Or maybe your feel a knot in your stomach every-time you think of what’s going on in the world.  Do you want World Peace?

Are you feeling depressed and disconnected?

The Mighty Elohim Peace says, “I AM Peace. Wherever man entertains the consciousness of peace, there am I in the flame of that consciousness. I AM Aloha. And I AM the salute of peace in the heart of the flame of Peace. ”

Join me January 20th at NOON (PST) as we enter into the very heart of the flame of PEACEpeace meditation



The doors of the Ascension Academy are opening up with this call. Peace and Aloha are anchoring the very heart of Peace within this Academy. Peace will continue throughout every class, every workshop, every student, every process.

This Academy will be a great benefit to the world. Without peace nothing is sustained. This was a huge gift to us from the Elohim.

Whatever we are creating must be held within the feeling of undisturbed Peace. Otherwise it will disintegrate and return to the Universal, the nothingness, where it came from originally.


During this meditation you will:

  • Be washed in Peace & Aloha and start to come to peace with all parts of your life.
  • Experience deep calm that allows you to function at a high level.
  • Experience the majestic presence of the Mighty Elohim, which are part of you.
  • Join with other like minded Peace lovers in lifting up the Earth and all of mankind in the love of ALOHA!
  • Help Jennifer celebrate the opening of The Ascension Academy.


“Your classes have taken me on a deep spiritual journey.  I have met and communed with masters and angels in a way lois w lairdI had not known was possible.  Your teachings have inspired me to raise my vibration using tools that are exciting and compelling to work with.  The journey has only just begun….I know deep and profound changes are ready to manifest in my life because of these teachings.” Lois – Pro Chef, Entrepreneur, Mom

“Now I know we are not alone and it’s not just us and God and there is a company of heaven here tessto assist us.  Also we are ascending masters.  It’s not just for some spiritual people.  We have a purpose and our purpose impacts not just us individually but everyone.” – Tess, retired metaphysicia

Spiritual Self Care During the Holidays

Take Care of Yourself!

This is a powerful time of year and the current of energy that runs on sparkly ads, deadlines and sugar can be easy to get swept up in.  Don’t allow yourself to go on default this month. Keep taking care of your spiritual self.

Here are a few things that I do to stay awake during this beautiful season.

Stay Connected to Source

I do my best not to skip and skimp on my spiritual practice.  This helps me to keep my heart open and stay grounded.

I stay in touch with my heavenly team:  I ask my Angels to keep reminding me about what this Season is all about. Love, LIGHT and more LOVE!holy season

“These balls of light are very precious gifts from God to fill us all with the true spirit of Christmas which the angels tell me is love, hope and peace. The angels encourage us all at this time to reach out to everyone with kindness. They have been showing me that for many of us  our Christmases have become too materialistic – too much about things and that because many people are worried and stressed about money that they are finding it hard to feel the real spirit of Christmas. This in turn is being felt by children who are holding back on enjoying Christmas because they are aware of the financial concerns of their parents.” – Lorna Byrne – Author of A Message of Hope for the Holiday Season

Stay Supported:  Have meaningful times with friends and family.  Slow down for a cup of tea.  Look in people’s eyes and connect.  I keep showing up in my faith community, for the support of fellowship and like minded encouragement.

I don’t let obligation and quilt run my schedule: It has been a huge lesson for me to learn to put myself first.  When I’m out of sorts and tired I’m no good to anybody and I have nothing to give.  This is my call to go within and spend some more time nurturing myself.

Stay in my Body:  Don’t forget to breath deeply. This is one of the best ways I know to stay present and to keep my heart open.  When I’m at a party, I breath the Light of the Divine into everyone I’m interacting with. This helps me to fully participate.  You know all the goodies are within. And as Daryl, my cleansing co-leader always tells us, your body will always tell you the truth.

Listen to my Body:  I keep up with self care.  Moving my body in ways that feel good with regular exercise always makes my body happy.  Listen to what my body is asking for is a spiritual practice.

Sleep, sleep, glorious sleep:  This time of year is a time of hibernation for many animwaterals and plants.  Sleep is our time of transformation and renewal.  Every part of our being thrives on sleep.  Don’t rob yourself of this cozy treat.

Drink tons of water:  I think of water as my main food source. Water is the element of Winter.

Stay Present with what you eat:  Before you even look at a plate of holiday cookies ask the question, “What’s the healthiest thing I can do right now.”

I stay away from sugar as much as I can.  Sugar begets more sugar.  For me it is a slippery slope that I have a hard time stepping out of once I begin.  Sugar not only lowers my vibration but it begins a cycle of bad food choices.  Then I start letting my little girl have anything she wants.  Oh no, there she goes and I start feeling like crap.

Cleanse after the Holidays.  It is the best way I know to begin the new year.  Taking time out to pause on the usual helps me to hear clearly the directions from my Beloved I AM.

Our 5 Day Winter Cleanse begins on January 2nd.   I look forward to this all Season.  It pulls me into better choices.  This cleanse is open to everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new to cleansing or have a lot of cleansing experience.

Reserve your spot now.  Bring a friend along for the joy of it and get our super special rate.