Age of Aquarius and YOU

Are you ready to have your own experience with the power of the Universe?

There are many people talking, channeling, and making predictions about what is going on.  But the most important channel for you is YOU.  Your High Holy Self is waiting to give you everything.

You are a powerful conduit and conductor of Divine Energy. You are very important in this cosmic shift.

You are on a cosmic mission and you are probably starting to feel a strong pull in your Please heart towards it.

Are you ready to start participating?  Are you ready to be the channel for your own life?  Are you ready to step into the sacredness of your own temple and experience the power of your own divinity?

That’s why I have created a series classes on the Company of Heaven.  So you can step into your true place, as a precious and powerful child of the Most High and experience your Mastery.

The Seven Sacred Rays are your best tools for maneuvering through this Age of Aquarius.  The 7th Ray is the Violet Flame.  Let’s begin with this powerful Ray of Mercy, Compassion, Transmutation, Divine Alchemy and FREEDOM.

I am offering a FREEDOM MEDITATION with Saint Germain and the Violet Flame on Wednesday, September 30th, at Noon (PT).  This free call in your invitation to step into the Company of Heaven and experience it for yourself.  CLICK HERE to register now.

The Age of Aquarius began on May 1, 1954.  This 2,000 year cycle has only begun and it is changing everything.  We are finally stepping off the wheel of karma.

The hierarch of this age, Saint Germain and his twin flame Portia, are calling us, through mercy and compassion, into freedom; true freedom to be our Mighty, Glorious God Selves.

They are calling us to take our divine right place of co-creating with the Angelic Kingdom to re-establish the Kingdom of Heaven on this sweet Earth.

Their gift of the violet flame is a stream of Light right from the heart of God that we can use to release us from all pain, all hatred, all lack, all illness… you name it.

Let’s walk together as we deepen into this journey of remembering who we really are, Conscious Masters Presences.