Receive, receive, receive

Do you have a hard time receiving?

When you receive a large sum of money what kind of emotions come up?

Do you feel worthy of having?

Watch this video (3:54).  Mother Mary is calling you to open your heart wide to receive NOW.

I use to think that if I tried really hard and did a perfect job then I would receive love, money and recognition.

The only problem with that is my heart became really tough and strident.  I was doing everything from ‘JUST DO IT’ thinking.  My bank account reflected that by staying small and many times out of balance.

If a large sum of money came in at first I would feel great and happy and then  I would start giving the money away and spend it quickly.  I didn’t feel worthy of having it in my life.  I rarely spent any money on myself.

Abundance doesn’t come from your head or struggle.  It has to flow from the heart.  It must flow from love.

That’s what happened to me.  When I started to give love to myself and allowed myself to have beautiful things around me, including money, I began to feel the Presence of God and the Angels within and around me and … my income increased.

If you are having a hard time receiving, Mother Mary’s instructions will open your heart wide to let the Godness in for keeps.

I wanted to share what Mother Mary has to say about receiving from our new book, 21 Days to Abundance through the Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary.

If you have a hard time receiving Day 16 is for you.

Day 16

Bask Often in the Ray of Abundance

“Beloved, today I want to invite you to bask often in the Ray of Abundance.

Abundance is a gift from God.  You don’t have to do anything for it.  Simply receive it.

Abundance is.  It can’t be divided, diminished, or destroyed because it’s part of the Godhead.

Remember that any other thought or appearance otherwise is an illusion and doesn’t exist.

Come Beloved and let’s lift up together into the Holy Golden Light.”  Mother Mary

She then takes us on a glorious expansive journey to increase our capacity receive.

Oh there is so much more in this exquisite diamond of a book.  Today the paperback version is now available for you.  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO GET YOUR COPY!

If you are done with the pain of hard work and struggle and you’re ready to start receiving MONEY and a daily flow of Abundance join us now.

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This is an unbelievable value and it’s ending soon.

Rise Up!

Daughters of the Living Spirit Rise Up!
Sons of all Creation Rise 
You are made Perfect
You are made Whole
You are made of Infinite Love

Workers in the fields of Light Rise
Artists of creation Rise
Embrace your power
Release all doubt
You’re employed by Infinite Love

These lyrics are from my song Rise Up!  This is my Easter/Passover gift to you.  This song is on the collection, There’s Only Light,  you can purchase the CD or download the song by clicking here.

Rise Up
Produced by Michael Gayle
Written by Jennifer Ruth Russell
Keyboards and vocals – Jennifer Ruth Russell
Guitars – Michael Gayle
Drums – Scott Preston
Percussion – Zurietu
Bass and ad lib vocals – Rob McDonald
Backing vocals – Dion Mial, Andrea Lane, Rob McDonald

During the Spring there are so many Holy Days.  Each one of them is celebrating the release of the long winter and the new birth, the resurrection, of all living things.

I love celebrating and using the Resurrection Flame continuously.  The Ruby Gold Ray is a gift to us right from the heart of the Divine.

The attributes and actions of this Ray are: Divine Grace, ministration of the love of Christ, selfless service of God and mankind, devotion to one’s fellowmen, spiritual worship through devotion and reverence,  Peace,  and Resurrection.

We can actually use this ray to rise up to our Divine Blueprint, that which is Eternal and indestructible.

You can read more details on how to do this in this article, Resurrect Your Finances

I use this Ray whenever I don’t feel well, when I’m feeling down, and when I want to remember my perfection.  I use it for everything in my life, including my financial well being.

Enjoy this song and let it lift you up to your Highest and Best today.

You are here to rise my friend.  You are here to transcend whatever you are going through right now.  You can do it.

Rise Up!


Same old same old

There is no such thing as same old same old.  I know it can feel that things are at a stand still, but everyday, within every moment, there is new creation.
When we are feeling that everything is just the same old same old we have convinced ourselves that change is not good and that anything we need to do to keep the status quo of our lives, that false sense of safety going, is better than going out on the skinny branches or … taking the risk of change.
I know that feeling of hopelessness as I was working on affirmations and prosperity exercises that didn’t go anywhere for me.  Maybe a little blip of movement. on the screen of my life, but nothing sustainable.  Nothing really changed.
You and I didn’t come here to be comfortable.  We came here to expand into our freedom and joy.  And to do that we have to stay fresh with change and to feel into what would be a little risky but joyful for us.
In order to activate your true wealth you have to change.  Not only do you have to get out of your old same old, you have to fall in love with yourself and put on your bouncy shock absorbers (called faith and trust).
Mother Mary wants to help you take the quality of your heart into a new place of creation.  Especially around your true wealth and abundance.
She and I are starting a joyful activation project of financial healing and freedom together.
I can’t wait to tell you more about it.
I’m sooooooooo excited about this, I can hardly contain myself.
Yes, I’m walking way out on the skinny branches on this one and I’m feeling more alive than ever.
Great news, I want you to get out of the same old same old and I want you to come with us.
There is not one moment in our lives that isn’t an eternal moment.  Every moment is full of Godness and abundance.
If you could change anything about how you create money in your life, what would it be?  Please post your answer below.
Talk about change, I have a new website up for Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy.  Take a peek.

My Debt Story

My debt story!

In my last video (Lady Hope and Your Debt) we were calling on Lady Hope, the Archaii of the Ascension Ray to help us go beyond the appearance of debt for ourselves and for all humanity.

We are calling on assistance to help us release all guilt and shame and to take dominion in this area of our lives.

I know this is not a popular topic, but I have to tell you that after talking and mentoring hundreds of lightworkers this is our biggest pain, our greatest shame.

And as I said, it’s keeping us from visioning and creating the new earth, which is our job right now.

I want to share my debt story with you today, but before we do that I want to pray for this area of our lives.

Watch the video (10 min) to receive this prayer and to hear my debt story.

My debt story.

I’ve had my own business for over 16 years as a musician and a spiritual mentor.

I was addicted to lack.   I didn’t know it at the time.  I was always focused on the lack in my life and how to get the next fix of money.

If I didn’t have the money when I needed it, I would do almost anything, except steal to get it.

I would borrow the money from friends and family.  That brought a lot of strain and stress into my relationships.  I lost friends, precious friends.  And I would also borrow from credit card companies.

But when I got the money, from wherever … I felt that release, like a drug addict that had gotten a fix.

But when you’re living in lack (which is a state of mind) the money is never enough. .. never!

Then the cycle would repeat itself.

When I made the BIG decision in my life to take back my power around money and put my Beloved I AM Presence in charge of my financial life, I had to look at my debt.  I had to make amends with myself and with others.

This is the same time I started opening up to the Angelic Realm for assistance.  Thank God, I was able to go into this dark area of my life and forgive and release.

The first thing I did was get rid of my credit cards.  Since I am always SOURCED and supplied I decided to take that literally,  if I don’t have the money on hand  … then the timing isn’t right or something’s off.  And if it was a part of my divine plan the money would be provided for; which has been demonstrated to me over and over again.

One debt at a time, I began to take responsibility.  I realized that I was intimately connected and indebted, to each person and to each company that I had debt with.

This wasn’t comfortable but it was incredibly freeing.

I had incurred a lot of debt to my Beloved Mother.  She had loaned me money many times, it hadn’t been easy for her and I was determined to make this right.

She made her transition before I had completed my repayments.  After her death when my siblings and I got together to have the ‘money talk.”  I made it clear to them what my debt was and that I would be grateful if it was dissolved into my portion of the inheritance.  Believe me, my Mom was a missionary and didn’t have a lot of money.

I was in complete surrender about this.  I was asked to leave the room so they could discuss it freely.  When I was asked back into the circle, they told me that I was forgiven this debt completely.  And that I would be receiving the same amount everyone else was.

Oh my Godness, it was complete GRACE.

I can’t describe to you the karma, the shame, the guilt, the old crap that was released in that instance.

That has happened over and over to me in completely different situations.  When I look at my debt and deal with it in complete surrender and from my Higher Self it is doable and miraculously it actually dissolves.

You can’t do this from your lower self or maybe better said from your caterpillar self.  In fact you can’t really know abundance from your human self.  You have to step into your Butterfly, your ascended state of consciousness.

This is where the Angels can be so helpful.

And once again I want to invite you to call on Lady Hope.

If you are looking at your debt, through the lens of shame and hopelessness and the old financial structure of this world, that is dissolving.  You can’t do this.

I’m going to challenge you to look at your debt from your Butterfly Self.  From beyond your current state, beyond the appearances that feel so real.

Keep getting to know Lady Hope the Cosmic Spirit of Resurrection and ask her to help you take care of this.

The Resurrection Flame brings us back to the Divine Perfection of our life, our Divine Blueprint.

Everything in your life and mine must be balanced.

So I urge you to take baby steps this week in stepping into your divine authority in your debt life.  You are the only one in your life that can do this.  And you have everything you need to do it.

Do it for your own spiritual growth and for your own ascension into your butterfly self.

So what baby step can you take today to take back your power around your debt?   Tell me in a comment below.

Don’t forget you are powerful and you are precious.  You are here to know complete FREEDOM.

Lady Hope and Your Debt

Are you stuck in debt and really psst off at this whole money system in the world right now?

We can go beyond what’s happening right now. Watch the video. (6:07)

It’s time to start owning your relationship with money instead of ignoring it.  Ignoring your fears and anger around money is costing you not only your joy and your health, but the ability to co-create abundance and ease.

Today I want to talk specifically about debt.

Debt has been with us for a long time.  How much debt we have and how we’re dealing with it has everything to do with how we’re moving into 5th dimensional living and creating our new relationship with money.

Why is it so important?

Debt is deep within our cells, it can bring us to our knees in fear.  It can wake us up in the middle of the night in panic.

That old Fear of being sent to the poor house, into powerlessness and separation can feel very real.

Debt was established by “greed power.”  The poor houses were created to give the poor and downtrodden a way to “pay” back their unending debt and they would have to give up their children as indentured servants … as slaves.

Debt was formed on a corrupt system.

It’s never stopped. Now our credit reports are really our debt reports.  They measure how we pay off debt.

Have our corporate financial institutions, become debt farms?

And we are carrying this around in the cells of our physical body and the memory of etheric bodies.

This is absolutely crazy.

The price we are paying for our debt is way more than the interest attached to it or the amount that we owe.

Just ask yourself.  How often to you think about your debt and how do you feel when you think about it?

Our debt is stopping us from co-creating.

It’s taking away our ability to vision abundance for ourselves and the new world.

We can change this.  In fact it’s our job to change it.

We need to change this within so we can create this in the outer world.

So I want to ask you to do two things this week.

1st I’m going to ask you to take “paying off your debt” out of your vision of divine abundance.

I’m asking you to go beyond debt in your BIG DREAM:  Because if you are thinking about the lack of money and your debt, instead of where you want to go, you’re not co-creating.

I’m not saying ignore your debt, in fact that’s the 2nd thing I’m asking you to do this week is to look at your debt.

Simply look at your debt without judgment.

Ignoring it just keeps it in the energy of worry and doubt. It’s taking up rent in your mind.

Remember your job is to stay high in the frequency of abundance.

Don’t let guilt creep into your debt.  Guilt always requires punishment.

Just look at it without guilt or shame and allow the beautiful Archaii Lady Hope to help you with this.

Lady Hope is the perfect support for this.

Lady Hope is Archangel Gabriel’s divine complement, his twin flame.  She is the Archaii on the 4th Ray, the Ascension Ray.   This ray is brilliant effervescent white.  Its’ God qualities are purity, wholeness and ascension.

Lady Hope is asking you to let her in.

This is what Lady Hope says:

“I AM the Cosmic Spirit of Resurrection blazing through nature’s kingdom. So why are you, mankind, aloof to Me?

“Command ye Me, O mankind of this Earth! Why linger longer in decay! Why linger longer in those bonds of disintegration!

I AM speaking to your hearts! What do you seek? Hope, Illumination! Peace! Purity! Beauty! God Supply! You had it all once! It lives within you – but it is dormant…

Command Ye Me!  I AM that Spark which, kindled with your life essence, can resurrect for you the Immortality that you once knew!

“Come ye back from the dead, and grasp My Hand in Love and Light! Let me enter into your imprisoned consciousness…” *

Here’s a simple decree that will help you to call on Lady Hope as you look at your debt this week.

Through My Beloved I AM Presence, I call on Archangel Michael to surround me in Divine Protection and  I invoke the Presence of Lady Hope to help me lift into a completely new thought and feeling around my debt.

Lady Hope I command you to resurrect my vision of true wealth and abundance beyond the appearances of debt for myself and all of humanity.  Help me to release all guilt and shame and to take dominion in this area of my life.



*Partial message of Beloved Hope through the Messenger, Geraldine Innocente,   March 19, 1955, U.S.A.



11:11 Article – Melody of Money

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Ocean prayer

“And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands for us; Yes, establish the work of our hands.” Psalms 90:17 (KJV)

Beauty is an eternal calling to our hearts.  It’s PURE GOD SUBSTANCE and we thrive in it and desire it. We love seeing it in our hearts and our bodies and in our environment.  It is our natural Divine birthright.

When I heard that the garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean is now larger than the the country of Mexico and that we, the human race, produce 3.5 million tons of waste a day and if we don’t change our habits, this number may increase to 11 million by 2100…It has brought me to my knees in prayer.

Knowing that everything begins with consciousness, we have to change within before we see the manifestation on the outside. I’m asking you to join me.

I’m calling in the Divine qualities of Beauty and Purity into our oceans.  Please join me in this prayer as you listen to ‘beauty’, our meditation song, from the CD ‘be.’

Prayer for the restoration of purity and beauty in our oceans.

In the name of I Am that I Am, the Presence of the Almighty Spirit within me, I recognize the Love and the Beauty that created this precious Earth, created me, all of my brothers and sisters and all creatures on the earth and in her waters.

I am my Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and I am one with I AM Presence of all humanity, I AM one with all life on this planet and with all living creatures within her waters.

Through the Presence of the three-fold flame of Love, Wisdom and Power within my heart I invoke Archangel Michael, his league of Blue Flame Angels and the Mighty Elohim Astrea to lasso all garbage on this planet and especially in our oceans with the Blue Lightening of Divine Authority and God’s will.  Breakup the patches of garbage accumulating in the Pacific ocean and all oceans on this planet.

I invoke the Sacred Fire of the Violet Flame, Saint Germain, Archangel Zadkiel, Holy Amethyst and all the Violet Flame Angels of Divine Alchemy to flood through the oceans and all bodies of water on this Earth and to transmute all human creation that has caused garbage, in all of its forms, to be dissolved back into the purity of beauty and love.

Help us to solve this problem of consuming and waste.  Give us wisdom as we take responsibility for our part in this problem,  so that we may participate in the restoration of beauty and purity in our thoughts and in the oceans and all bodies of water on our beloved earth.

Thank you Beloved Ascended Masters, Archangels and the Mighty Elohim for all that you do to help us transcend the garbage of this world and create a world that works for everyone, including the beautiful creatures of the sea.  We are grateful for your assistance to get us out of this mess.

I’m grateful that it is done according to God’s Holy Will.  So above, so below.

It is done and SO IT IS!  Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM

Here’s more info on the garbage patch.

Please add your prayer below so we can increase the momentum of this Light.



Petition to the Karmic Board Guide

It’s time to write a petition to the Karmic Board.

Have you been working on your prosperity consciousness for a long, long time and you feel like your not making any headway?

Maybe your concerned about a member of your family who seems to be stuck in a destructive pattern and you feel powerless to help them?

Is there a burden on your heart for the world or Mother Earth, and you’re feeling the heart call to help?

I have some really good news for you. 

You can make a petition to the Karmic Board concerning anything.  It can be very personal, global or even cosmic.

This opportunity is open to us twice a year…RIGHT NOW! (register below)

In June and December, the Royal Teton Retreat above the Grand Teton mountain range in Wyoming, is open for this grand event.   These meetings of the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings of Light is where the energy, expansion and manifestation of the divine plan for our planet is decided.

You came before this loving, compassionate Karmic Board before you began every one of your lives.

The Karmic Board is a loving and merciful body of Light.  They know you intimately.  They are cheering all of us on as we come back Home.

Our requests and petitions are welcome and influence the divine plan, in our lives and the life of our planet.  Very simply stated, the divine plan is to restore Heaven on Earth, as you, your life and the life of everything living thing on this planet.

The deadline for our petitions is June or December 15th.

I would love to guide you on how to write a Petition to the Karmic Board and educate you about the Royal Teton Retreat.  There are important dates and essential steps you need to know in writing your petitions.

I have put everything in a guide book for you and I’m also offering a live Guided Meditation and a Q & A this Saturday, June 9th @ 9AM PST.

for instant access


I can’t wait to share more about the Karmic Board with you.  They are so powerful and their responsibilities in the Heavenly Realm, including out dear Mother Earth are immense.

There are always seven members of this magnificent board.

Here are the current members of the Karmic Board.

Lady Portia (Saint Germain’s twin flame) the Goddess of Justice and spokesperson for the Board,

The Goddess of Liberty, Lady Nada the Goddess of Love and Chohan of the Sixth Ray,

Pallas Athena the Goddess of Truth,  The Mighty Elohim Vista the All Seeing Eye of God,

Kwan Yin the Goddess of Mercy, and the Great Divine Director the Manu of the Seventh Root Race

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to make a difference.  You are part of this great Mystery School.

In Love and Joyful Abundance,



Vagueness with Archangel Michael

I have been on a journey of coming out of vagueness.

When I’m in a place of making a big decision in my life, I’ve given myself permission not to ask the ‘big’ question for a month or longer, to give myself space to process.

But when it comes to money and our relationships, vagueness keeps us from the truth.

Even in the seemingly small stuff of life, vagueness keeps us from checking in with what we want and how we’re really feeling about a situation.  It can be the ultimate “putting someone else 1st” syndrome and not taking responsibility for our own happiness.

When I started taking responsibility for my relationship with money, I stepped into Debtors Anonymous and my first step was to keep track of my money.  I started to write down every cent that I spent and every cent that came to me.

At that time it just seemed like a tedious chore, but now I can tell you…it is the ultimate gift.  This simple process has set me free.  It brought truth to me.

I asked Archangel Michael to talk to me from his perspective on what it means to be vague.  This is what he said.

“When things are not clear and they are vague they are in the murkiness of shadow.

Vagueness has given people a false sense of security. Sometimes you are not ready to know something.  When you get clear and you’re ready for clarity, vagueness simply muddies the water. It takes away from the crystalline beautiful connection between people and between you and your money.

When you are vague you increase worry and anxiety. If you don’t know how much money you have, you’ll continue to worry about that money and not claim what is rightfully yours.

Abundance is not a fake promise.  Abundance is like a clear stream of water that continually flows. There is no murkiness in it. There is no confusion in it. There is only a clear sight of truth. To come out of vagueness it takes a willingness to see the truth.

Beloved we all know that the truth sets us free. You’re relationship with money is a relationship with the truth of your being.

If you are feeling unworthy and undeserving, that is being vague about your true place in the kingdom of heaven. For you have been created perfect and to see yourself other than that is fake, it is false.

When you are willing to see your relationships with others, your relationship with money and yourself with crystal clear clarity, you allow the Holy Spirit to bring the truth of your being into Reality.

This has a lot to do with you reclaiming your innocence as well. Your innocence is your sovereign power.

So I would say that vagueness and guilt are companions in the murkiness. That to be vague is simply a way of opting out of the present moment.

When you are vague you are not being true to yourself. You are not coming in to that place of accepting how you really feel about something and what you truly want. You are putting that aside maybe to please another, or to avoid seeing the truth.”

As I’ve been coming out of being vague, I’ve noticed how often I use words that continue vagueness.

I invite you to join me in this quest for crystal clear clarity and honesty.  Let’s be gentle with ourselves and others as we get use to speaking our truth with kindness.  It takes courage.

Are you ready?  I’d love to hear what you have to say about coming out of vagueness.


Archangel Michael Celebration

This has been one of the most tumultuous months of natural disasters and turmoil that I have ever experienced.

Are you feeling like you’ve been in the Cosmic tumbler of uncertainty?

Come bathed in the powerful radiance of Lord Michael’s presence and in the high frequencies of the Archangels.

Celebrate Archangel Michael and all the Archangels with me on September 29th, at noon PT.

Register Here for this free call.


“We are real and we want to make everyone that comes to this celebration feel our presence. We want to remind everyone that they know how to walk with us and to remember that this is not only a delicious way to live it is the best way to create an extraordinary life.” ~Archangel Michael

Michaelmas Day, the 29th of September, properly named the day of St. Michael and All Angels, is a great festival of the Church of Rome, and also observed as a feast by the Church of England.

During this free guided meditation and transmission you will:

  • Be Infused in Archangel Frequencies
  • Be empowered and strengthen in your life.
  • Release self doubt and be filled up with courage
  • Fill your soul with Archangel Michael’s Faith which is the ultimate expression of Heaven on Earth.

There will be a replay of this call throughout the week-end.  Register now so you won’t miss it.

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