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You may be feeling as if you’re coming out of a deep sleep and reawakening.  

Do you have a sense that you are on a cosmic mission and you want to know what it is?

Maybe you keep finding yourself asking the question, ‘What is mine to do?”

Have you heard of Saint Germain, the 7th Ray and the Violet Flame and want to know what they have to do with you?

Let’s get some answers to these questions.

Join me at noon (PT) on September 30th for a Freedom Meditation with Saint Germain & the Violet Flame

Violet Flame Meditation


Register for this free call here.

Saint Germain, along with his twin flame, Lady Portia are the sponsors and directors of this age of Aquarius.

He is an Ascended Master and is the Chohan (Lord) of the 7th Ray.  The 7th Ray is the Violet Ray.  It brings us the gifts of Mercy, Compassion, Transmutation, Divine Alchemy and FREEDOM.  Freedom in every sense of the word.

Saint Germain has been human many times.  He has transcended the human condition as if now showing us how to do the same.

If you are an American, you may feel a heart connection with him as he was energy behind our “Uncle Sam.”   He was the prophet Samuel, hence the name. Saint Germain overshadowed the early American patriots in the framing of the Constitution and in the designing of our flag. He even anointed our first president, George Washington.

Also known as the Gentleman of Heaven, Saint Germain is helping us to get off the wheel of karma and to become God-Free.  It is happening NOW.

Did you know that you are a Master Presence,  right now?  There’s nothing more for you to learn.  It’s is time for you to remember who you really are and take your rightful place.

During this call you will:

  • Be washed in the Violet Flame, freeing up your body, your mind and your emotions.
  • Be in a safe place to let yourself open up and release
  • Begin to experience the buoyancy and light that the gift of the Violet Flame offers us.
  • Begin to feel your place in the cosmic shift we are now experiencing.

What people are saying

Alejandra Hein
Alejandra Hein
...this class is my answered prayer...

It has been a real blessing for me to have found you and through you the Company of Heaven. As I told you before, this class is my answered prayer. Deep in my soul I had this yearning to re-connect with the angelic realm.

Peter Ross
Peter Ross
Writer, Brooklyn, New York
my relationship to these teachings is very dynamic

my relationship to these teachings is very dynamic..the ideas presented take on life beyond the intellectual conceptual…

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