I love Jennifer’s work

I am the director of the Music Ministry at Unity Church of Tustin. We are a medium sized New Thought Church in Southern California. Due to our location, we have the unique gift of having many, many wonderful singer/songwriters from the L.A. area available to share their gifts with our community. And still, even with all that talent right in our backyard, I find that certain folks stand out to me. Jennifer Russell is one of those.

What touches me about Jennifer, is her deep consciousness, which infuses her music and moves through her, straight to my heart. Her music is excellent, yes, but what is so powerful, is the amazing Presence that she holds, and sings with. It is powerful, but very gentle. It is so strong and so sweet. I cry every time she sings. Her music heals me.

Her professionalism is sterling, and her ability to meet the needs of the day, and support the teaching is clearly of utmost priority for her. She is literally in service to Truth, and she is amazingly humble in her giving. She is also a highly skilled pianist, and is more than capable and willing to support the entire service through her musical excellence.
I love Jennifer’s work, and I hope that you will choose to bring her to your community to share. It will be an amazing experience.
Yours in Service,
Amy Jahn
Director of the Music Ministry
Unity of Tustin
Tustin, California