Birth Path Songs

There is a special vibration on the earth that began the day that you were born.  This is your frequency that contains your birth tones, your melody, your essence, your song.  This mystical birth day song combines the divinity and humanity that is your very life.  Your Divine Blueprint in a song.

To listen to some samples of Birth Path Songs Click the Birth Path Song Sampler

Do you ever wonder why you are here?  What is your unique life purpose?  Do you ever feel that:

  • you are catch in a rat race that belongs to another race? Do you ever think that you may not even be from this planet?

  • your body needs to be restored to its vital, vibrant, radiant health?

  • you’re at the end of your rope with your relationships? No one seems to ‘get you?

That’s why I’m creating unique songs for children and adults, called the Birth Path Songs.  This song is your particular signature, that harmonizes to the song of the universe.

There is a special vibration on the earth that began the day that you were born.  Your Birth Path Song.  Your song carries sacred healing energy that is very personal to you.  The song contains a unique and individualized collection of 4 to 5 musical tones.

I take that special collection of notes and compose a song just for you.  This song brings your body, mind and spirit into alignment, energizing and rejuvenating you.  It will heal & restore your soul.  It’s your unique healing tones.

This tradition comes from the Eastern Cherokee People. I learned this sacred work from Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo, the Founder and Spiritual Director of Sunray Meditation Society, the holder of the Ywahoo Lineage and the Chief of the Green Mountain Ani Yunwiwa (Cherokee).

In the ancient tradition when Shamans are called to a bed side to heal the sick, they use the birth tones of the individual.   Children have gotten up out of bed to play after days of a high fever.  Cancer has gone into remission with the use of the Birth Path Song.