O Father Sky

O Father Sky

I hope that these words and these images remind you that you are eternal. You are part of this great cosmic dance. In fact you complete the Circe between Father Sky and Mother Earth.

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Great Cosmic Wonder

I drink in your Majesty

O Father Sky, beyond your clouds

Thousands of galaxies

And hundreds of billions of stars – call my name

Infinite Wisdom

I play in you mystery

O Father Sky

The very air I breath

Every cosmic breath – is energy

The heavens embrace the earth and make her Sacred, Sacred

This cosmic, circle dance is completed …. With You and I

Grand Central Sun

I bask in your Radiance

O Father Sky, your blue horizon holds my innocence

You fill me with awe

And remind me that I AM eternal – just like you

Words and Music by Jennifer Ruth Russell

Copyright 2012 remba music

Dance in the Light my friend for you are part of All There Is.

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    • Jennifer Ruth Russell
      Jennifer Ruth Russell says:

      Thanks so much Lesley. This song was inspired by Matthew Fox. I was singing and he was speaking at Unity of Tustin. I was fascinated by his book,
      The Hidden Spirituality of Men – Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Sacred Masculine. His chapter on Father Sky knocked my socks off and I had to write it in a song.

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