This Ancient Huna Prayer will change your life!

This is a prayer of reconciliation and forgiveness. It is a prayer of making things right.  It works like a hologram looks, in all directions.  There’s no need to change a word.

I love you.  I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.

As we were recording this chant.  Miracles, open doors, new connections, financial abundance flowed in our lives and continues to do so.  This prayer cleans everything up.

Joining me are my good friends and amazing vocalist:  Dion Mial, Bryan Speer and Andrea Lane

Produced and recorded by the one and only Michael Gayle, award winning producer/engineer @ Glynn Sound Studios.

I first heard of this prayer through the story of Dr. Hew Len. If you’ve never heard this amazing story of healing and transformation using this simple prayer, click here.