A soulful collection of sacred prayer, affirmation, and verse in song by Jennifer Ruth Russell

The artist writes, “This is a collection of sacred songs, prayer, affirmation, and verse. Whenever I really want to know something in my body, in my bones, I write a song. I hope these songs bless you and carry you on your journey.”

Songs include:

  1. Abba Mamma
  2. Come Whoever You Are (words by Rumi)
  3. One With the One
  4. My Soul Sings Out
  5. Center of Creation
  6. Faith Walks In
  7. Love the Music In You
  8. Sparrow
  9. Wholly Ground
  10. Canoe
  11. Think On These Things (Philippians 4:8)
  12. There Is Nothing But Peace
  13. With This Breath

“Her song, ‘MY Soul Sings Out’ is on level with the universal song AMAZING GRACE in terms of opening the heart and allowing a person to feel ONE with the ONE.”    –Spiritualfish