This collection will get you moving, inspirational old soul groove with jazz shadings packs a powerful message.  These songs call on us to bring in the Light.  With a sense of urgency they inspire us to participate in pulling heaven on Earth, NOW!

  1. There’s Only Light*
  2. Rise Up
  3. Willing
  4. I Lift My Cup
  5. Lesson 68
  6. Somethin’ Wonderful

Jennifer Ruth Russell – vocals, keyboards, Michael Gayle –guitars, Scott Preston – drums & electronic percussion, Zureitu – percussion, Rob McDonald – bass & vocals*,  Tom Morgan Jr. – alto sax, Dallas String Ensemble featuring Darek Dowgielewicz, backing vocals: Dion Mial,  Andrea Lane, Michael Gayle

All songs by Jennifer Russell (ASCAP) except, *There’s Only Light with David Matthew Brown & Michael Gayle

Graphic art & design by Elizabeth Macfarland
Photography by Claire Pearce

Produced by Michael Gayle