I am a vegan

This Autumn Equinox I’m celebrating my 4th Anniversary as a vegan.  Here’s my story

In 2003 I was working as Rickie Byars Beckwith’s assistant at Agape International Spiritual Center.  Hanging out with her and Rev. Michael I noticed that they fasted and cleansed every season.  I joined them and I fell in love with the whole process of fasting and prayer.  It began to be a ritual for me and I continued to cleanse on my own.

I didn’t realize how much I was longing to come into community with this ritual until I met Daryl Glinn-Tanner.

The day I walked into Daryl’s hair salon and introduced myself, I knew that we were going to be good friends.

As I was enjoying the benefits of her genius with hair,  I found out that Daryl had been cleansing for years. I asked her to partner with me in leading 5 Day Seasonal Cleanses.  She said “Yes.”  Hallelujah!

This Autumn Equinox will be our 5th Anniversary.  We’ve done almost 20 cleanses together.  We missed one cleanse when I was traveling in the Ukraine.

During the fourth day of the cleanse, is when we are ready for a deep inquiry into what Spirit is calling for us in the next season.  We get in touch with our sacred vows and what are we ready for now.

Four years ago what happened to me on the 4th day was life changing. I saw a big broom, sweeping back and forth on this brick path.  I heard that it was time to purge and clear out all the old stuff.  Old printers in the garage, stagnated relationships, and free up my space.  Then I heard to stop eating flesh for my spiritual growth.

You know that guidance within us is impeccable and when I hear something that clearly I always go with it. As a Practitioner, my spiritual growth is the utmost importance to me.

I immediately got the little book, Ultimate Vegan Guide by Erik Marcus.  It was so helpful.  He said the secret to success is to try a new vegan dish every week.  I still try to do that. And if there was something that was hard for you to let go of, like cheese pizza… he advised to have it once a month, enjoy it, and wean yourself slowly from it.

I have a green drink with pea protein once a day that keeps me full of energy and vitality.

I have changed.  I began for spiritual reasons. I am more sensitive to negativity and especially to the cruelty of animals.  About 6 months after I began.  I was driving on the freeway and saw a truck load of cattle being shipped for slaughter.  I started crying and praying for those cows.  My heart just broke open.

Now I am a vegan for spiritual and planetary reasons.  It is my individual stand for my ascension, for the ascension and health of our planet, and our animals and their rights.

Moby describes this really well in this video.

I believe we are all on the path toward becoming vegan.  It’s just a matter of time.

What anyone else eats is none of my business.  My husband and my son are meat eaters.  I have no judgment about that.

I hope that you will join us for our 5th Anniversary of Seasonal Cleanses. Of course now the Angels have joined us in helping us renew our bodies, minds and spirits

The 5 Day Autumn Equinox Cleanse begins Sunday, September 18, 2016.


The early bird special ends on 9/11.  If you bring a friend along it is a super sweet value.


Rise Up

Daughters of the Living Spirit RISE

Sons of all creation RISE

You are made perfect

You are made whole

You are made of Infinite love






Worker in the fields of light

Artists of Creation

Embrace your power, release all doubt

Your employed by Infinite Love


words and music by Jennifer Russell
© remba music 2015 (ASCAP)

Happy Day, Jennifer

“When you first debuted your song “I Am Worthy,” at Agape’s Wednesday service,  I was instantly transfixed by your voice as well as the song’s heart-opening melody and pure lyrics. Once I bought your CD, I listened to it seemingly nonstop, reveling in the alluring, transcendent spell, returning me to my center. I continue to listen to it, and just listened right now to unwind from work and to enter be in my sacred space.  I just wanted to thank you for your powerful work that is healing me and many others, undoubtedly. You are a mighty presence, and I am grateful for all that you are and do. Blessings.”  -Todd Hedell

Rickie Byars Beckwith

“Jennifer is a gift from God. Blessed with enormous talent, sweet
music and a great sense of humor, her work with the Virtues is a
wonderful journey for the whole family.”

– Dr. Rickie Byars Beckwith

I love it. I love it. I love it.

I have just finished listening to your new CD, “One with the One” and I’m not afraid to admit, that it made me cry more than once.

This is truly inspired work. Your voice is crystal clear, the arrangements are beautiful and the music is transformative. I’m pretty sure I can hear angels singing on “There is nothing but Peace”. “Come whomever you are” was the first to make me cry, and then you left me crying on “With this Breath”.

I loved it. I loved it. I loved it! I am truly touched by what you have accomplished.  Congrats to You and Michael on a job well done! “I Love the Music in You.”  – D. Gershmann

Faith Walks In

Inspired by Christian D. Larson

I place my life, I place my desires
I place my plans in Love’s hand
I am here for a high holy purpose
I am here for joy
In moments of fear and confusion
I reach out and hold on to that hand

I remember that faith walks in
Not waiting for an invitation
While hope stands on the outside
Looking for her opportunity
But faith walks in
Trusting in her own light proceeds

Faith moves me on. To the heart of my desire
Faith pulls me forward. I can never fail
Hope stands upon the earth looking, longing for the sky
Faith leaps on the wings of Spirit and ascends to heaven high

words and music by Jennifer Russell
copyright remba music 2009 (ASCAP)


With This Breath

Words by Rev. Michael Beckwith

With this breath, I thee wed
My true nature, my forever, my being
With this breath, I say yes and I embrace all that is real within me
All that is great within me, all that is beautiful
All that is of love and gratitude, all that is divine
Repeat Chorus
I step out of my history, into God’s mystery
And I take this vow to participate in my destiny
Repeat Chorus
I catch the dew from heaven, I catch the sweet inspiration
I catch the dew from heaven, I catch the insights that free me
From my intoxicated sleep
With this breath, I say yes and I embrace and I commit and I pronounce
That I am awake, I am in Love, I am in God
Now and forever


music by Jennifer Russell
copyright remba music 2009 (ASCAP)