Joy Food

Don’t you love JOY?  It is the ultimate feeling.  It is my heart letting me know that everything is grooving at the highest place within me and in my world.

We are moving up to higher dimensions, higher frequency;  the Beach Boys would say, we are moving into good, good, good, good vibrations.

As we are ascending we are letting go of the old familiar forms of life and the way that we’ve done things.

I want to start looking forward.  We’ve been doing hard labor here in the 3rd dimension; in our work and in our spiritual lives.   And to tell you my truth I think we’re done with that.

And so I’m inviting you to start asking, “What will we be creating in the New Earth?”

What will we be eating when we start living from the higher dimensions?  I truly believe we’ll be taking our bodies with us.

Just looking at my own life and where I’ve come from.  Especially around my food and drink, I can see that I’ve changed a lot in the last three years.  I was raised on meat, potatoes and all things cheese.

But the old familiar forms of comfort food, tuna casserole, mac and cheese, steak and eggs and ice cream don’t fit me anymore.

They feel heavy and take my energy down.

I used to have one or two glasses of red wine a day.  I liked it.  I liked how the taste blended with the food I was eating and went down nice and smooth.

But to be honest with you , I can’t do that anymore.  It brings me down.  I can feel it with the first sip.

Drinking pure water has become about 70% of my diet.  It is one of the most life affirming things that I do for myself.  And it makes me feel GOOD!

This Fall, I’m celebrating my 3rd anniversary as a vegan.  I love the way it makes me feel and it brings so much joy and creativity. I’ll share with you in my next video how I made the decision to become a vegan.

So I want to invite you to start paying attention to what you are eating and drinking.

Is it helping you to feel lighter or heavier?

Is it helping us to establish a new Earth; world that works for everyone, including our animals, or not?

Let me hear from you, how are you eating differently today then you were a year ago?  And what do you think would help you feel lighter?  What would you like to create in the new world?

Give your Body a Break

Have you ever experienced body happiness?  When you just feel tickled from the inside?

I actually heard my body tell me that it was happy the other day.  It made me laugh.

Your body is from the Elemental Kingdom. It’s part of the Company of Heaven. Did you know that an Elemental trains for centuries to be qualified to become a Body Elemental?

Your body elemental not only helped to craft your body from your Divine Blueprint, your Immaculate Concept. It then became the caretaker of your body temple. This relationship is so important for your well being on many levels.

Take a few minutes to watch this video about your Body Elemental and give it a thumbs up. 🙂

Your body is an essential part of your guidance system. It continually is giving you messages.  It wants you to stay strong, happy and healthy.

I’m learning to listen to my body and not question when it tells me to rest.  I want to encourage you to listen and to start having an intimate relationship with your body too.

Your body responds to everything you are thinking and feeling.

Let’s start giving our bodies unconditional love on a daily basis. Believe me, it will respond in health and happiness.

This is one of the main reasons that I take time out before every season to cleanse my body.  I give my body a break and tune in to what it needs.  So it can continue to support the work I came here to do.

The 5 Day Summer Solstice Cleanse is a great way to dive into this relationship. It will help you to detox your body, mind and spirit. You will also establish a partnership with your body and learn how to listen.


I’d love to hear how you pamper your body. Just leave a comment below.

Lighten UP!

Have you heard?  There’s a whole new set of light waves flowing into our planet right now.*

You may be feeling a little off, extra tired or fatigued.  Your emotions maybe off the charts or you may be feeling energized.  Your experience will be uniquely yours.

Our bodies are integrating a whole new energy wave.

I want to remind you that it’s important to stay grounded and to stay in your body.

You may be saying, of course I’m in my body.  What I mean is pay attention to your body and take time to listen to its natural rhythms and what it’s asking for.

We do this a lot in our 5 Day Spring Equinox Cleanse, March 16 – 20.

This video will tell you more about it and get you in the spirit of this year’s cleanse.

Each year as we step into Spring there’s even more energy then usual because the Resurrection Flame is flowing in full capacity.

During this year’s Spring Equinox Cleanse we are going to LIGHTEN UP as never before.  I already feel the energy of this cleanse.  It’s going to be very special, filled with the healing balm of heaven.

You will leave this cleanse feeling so LIGHT and more grounded.  Feeling clear minded and energized more than you have been for a long time.  For even more support, bring a friend along with you.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

Please let me know how you’re doing.  Leaven me a comment below, like the video and pass it on.  Light always wants to be shared.



*”The unprecedented influx of Light that will bathe the Earth and all her Life during the Solar Eclipse that is beginning today (March 8) and will build in momentum through the Equinox on March 20th and the Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd has the potential of lifting each of us individually and Humanity collectively above the frequencies of the chaos and the extreme pain of the purging taking place on Earth at this time. Each of us, through our I AM Presence, have the ability to assimilate this powerful Light and to project it into our daily challenges in ways that will greatly assist in easing our stress and the anxiety we may be experiencing.” Patricia Cota – Robles

Spiritual Self Care During the Holidays

Take Care of Yourself!

This is a powerful time of year and the current of energy that runs on sparkly ads, deadlines and sugar can be easy to get swept up in.  Don’t allow yourself to go on default this month. Keep taking care of your spiritual self.

Here are a few things that I do to stay awake during this beautiful season.

Stay Connected to Source

I do my best not to skip and skimp on my spiritual practice.  This helps me to keep my heart open and stay grounded.

I stay in touch with my heavenly team:  I ask my Angels to keep reminding me about what this Season is all about. Love, LIGHT and more LOVE!holy season

“These balls of light are very precious gifts from God to fill us all with the true spirit of Christmas which the angels tell me is love, hope and peace. The angels encourage us all at this time to reach out to everyone with kindness. They have been showing me that for many of us  our Christmases have become too materialistic – too much about things and that because many people are worried and stressed about money that they are finding it hard to feel the real spirit of Christmas. This in turn is being felt by children who are holding back on enjoying Christmas because they are aware of the financial concerns of their parents.” – Lorna Byrne – Author of A Message of Hope for the Holiday Season

Stay Supported:  Have meaningful times with friends and family.  Slow down for a cup of tea.  Look in people’s eyes and connect.  I keep showing up in my faith community, for the support of fellowship and like minded encouragement.

I don’t let obligation and quilt run my schedule: It has been a huge lesson for me to learn to put myself first.  When I’m out of sorts and tired I’m no good to anybody and I have nothing to give.  This is my call to go within and spend some more time nurturing myself.

Stay in my Body:  Don’t forget to breath deeply. This is one of the best ways I know to stay present and to keep my heart open.  When I’m at a party, I breath the Light of the Divine into everyone I’m interacting with. This helps me to fully participate.  You know all the goodies are within. And as Daryl, my cleansing co-leader always tells us, your body will always tell you the truth.

Listen to my Body:  I keep up with self care.  Moving my body in ways that feel good with regular exercise always makes my body happy.  Listen to what my body is asking for is a spiritual practice.

Sleep, sleep, glorious sleep:  This time of year is a time of hibernation for many animwaterals and plants.  Sleep is our time of transformation and renewal.  Every part of our being thrives on sleep.  Don’t rob yourself of this cozy treat.

Drink tons of water:  I think of water as my main food source. Water is the element of Winter.

Stay Present with what you eat:  Before you even look at a plate of holiday cookies ask the question, “What’s the healthiest thing I can do right now.”

I stay away from sugar as much as I can.  Sugar begets more sugar.  For me it is a slippery slope that I have a hard time stepping out of once I begin.  Sugar not only lowers my vibration but it begins a cycle of bad food choices.  Then I start letting my little girl have anything she wants.  Oh no, there she goes and I start feeling like crap.

Cleanse after the Holidays.  It is the best way I know to begin the new year.  Taking time out to pause on the usual helps me to hear clearly the directions from my Beloved I AM.

Our 5 Day Winter Cleanse begins on January 2nd.   I look forward to this all Season.  It pulls me into better choices.  This cleanse is open to everybody. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new to cleansing or have a lot of cleansing experience.

Reserve your spot now.  Bring a friend along for the joy of it and get our super special rate.


Conscious Breathing

I know our breath is essential to staying alive.  When we stop breathing we leave the earth plane.

But our breath can also be used as a conduit for healing and transformation.

Breath can be used as a conversation.  As you breath in you receive Life Itself as you breath out you distribute it throughout your body in gratitude.

I like to use the breath with the qualities of my own Divinity.  I breathe in Love, and I then breathe love into every cell of my body.  Breathe in Peace and breathe out peace to any situation I see that is asking for peace.  The news gives us plenty of opportunites for this practice.

If I’m needing some words when I’m writing a song or a blog, I Breathe in clarity, remembering there’s no confusion in the Mind of God, which I am, and I breath out knowing and distribute it into whatever I’m working on.

When you find yourself in fear, try this practice.  Go outside, if you can, anywhere will do…stand on the earth, place your hand on your stomach and breath through your nostrils, filling up your belly.  Let your out breath be longer than your in breath.  Bring your focus to your breath for 5 minutes.  This will help you get out of your head, where fear resides and into your body that is always in the present.

Happy Conscious Breathing

What does your body want to eat?

What do you eat?  How do you decide what is right for you?

There are a lot of different diets out there Paleo, eating by your blood type, Adkins, low carb, Zone, South Beach… I’ve tried a lot of them.  How can anyone else’s food list really speak to you and your body? It may be a good place to start, but your own bodies wisdom is far beyond that limitation.

So this is how I choose the foods that I eat. I use the divining tool of a pendulum.  Any divining tool will work.

I have either my food list or the food itself in front of me.  I begin with speaking a short prayer for accuracy and clarity.  Then I ask a few key questions.  What is my YES?  My yes always spins clockwise.  What is my no? My pendulum moves horizontally.  Am I in a receptive state to get clear answers?

Then I ask a yes or no question. The answers are always clear.  If I get a big swing of a yes, I know that food makes my body super happy.

Here’s a list of healthy foods to get you started.


Early in the morning or after a rain is the most delicious time. When you connect the middle of the ball of your foot; a point known to acupuncturists as Kidney 1 (K1), It connects to all of the meridians, every nook and cranny of your body. It transfers the free electrons from the Earth into your body. These free electrons are probably the most potent antioxidants known to man. Remember we are bioelectrical beings.


Cleansing is simply giving your body a break from your usual intake of food and drink. It can be practiced in many different ways.
I end each season and welcome the next with a gentle 5-Day Cleanse. It not only helps me to be in touch with Mother Earth and her rhythms. It helps me to tune in to my own body and hear what it has to tell me.

Intuition and clarity comes through the body not the mind. I want my body to be an open channel to receive the highest thoughts of the I AM Presence.

When I cleanse my meditations go much deeper and the vision for my next 3 months rises up in complete clarity.

I worked with Rickie Byars Beckwith at Agape for years. She gently mentored me into this practice. I use to do it alone, but now I invite others to join me. My friend Daryl Glinn-Tanner is an expert cleanser and she always guides everyone through the physical part of our cleanse.

I would love for you to join me in a 5-Day Seasonal cleanse. If you’re interested, click here to sign up for the Seasonal Cleanse newsletter.