Be Selfish


Please get really selfish with how you are feeling.

As Abraham Hicks always tells us there is nothing more important than feeling good.  Why?  Because that means that we are vibrating in the higher layers of light.

5 Day Angelic Spring Equinox Detox & Cleanse start 3/16.

That’s where all GOOD resides: freedom, joyful abundance, eternal peace, and of course, LOVE.

And remember Light is always attracted to itself.

You were given this beautiful Pillar of light.  It extends about 9 feet out from your physical body and within it are all of your subtle bodies: your emotional, mental ,and etheric bodies are the ones that we’re most familiar with.

This beautiful Pillar of Light is a protective shield for us when we intentionally activate it and take care of it.

Why do we need protection?  Because we live in the density of the Earth, we live in a physic realm.   We are surrounded by living, pulsating, inharmonious vibrations.  They are all around us.  We are electromagnetic beings and our auric fields are like sponges.

You’ve felt the effects of these lower entities many times.  Whenever you walk into thrift store, you can feel all the vibrations from the past.  When you’re around someone who’s in a dark cloud, you feel it immediately.

Think of these vibrations as whirlpools of energy radiating shadow and negativity.  They are the culmination of centuries of what I call “crap thoughts”.  Thoughts that we have created; bad choices of greed, hatred, power over others, abuse, and a lot of “there’s not enough” etc…

So how do we keep ourselves filled with the high vibration of creator light?

  1. Ask your Beloved I AM Presence to place this protective Pillar of Light around you, first thing in the morning. It will protect you from the imperfect thought forms that are floating around looking for a home.
  2. Cleanse your chakras at least once a day. This amazing chakra system is literally the organs of your light body.  Keeping them clean and open allows you to soar higher and higher in the light, which means you feel really good.  I like using the Violet Flame to do this. It is a current of energy, right from the heart of God, which is assigned to seize imperfect energy and transmute it back to the Light.
  3. Eat and drink for your light body. Heavier foods lower your frequency and make you susceptible to “crap thoughts.”
  4. Exercise and get plenty of rest. Sleep not only restores your physical body, it allows your Light body to refresh your entire system.

This is one of the reasons that I detox and cleanse regularly.  I like feeling good in my all of my bodies.

Join me for the 5 DAY Angelic Spring Equinox Detox & Cleanse beginning on March 16th.


Pulling Heaven on Earth

As I watch the chaos around us.  As I watch the deception within our banking system and our political system being exposed.  As I feel the violence from one of our human family members create terror in the rest of us.  I’m called to do something in the extreme; something potent, loving and brilliant.

I’m called to pray.

Prayer calls in the Light.  Prayer not only changes things, it works behind the scenes to bring a divine solution to very human problems.  Prayer lifts us up so that we have the ability to show up as the compassionate heart.  That is needed more than ever right now.

When we pray together, we multiply the Light.

Pray with me!

Watch my invitation to Pray with me in this video.  Give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel.  I’d love to hear from you.  Are you being called to pray for the USA?

When we pray the Angels always surround us, affirming our spoken words in the cosmic YES!  When we invite our Family of Light, the Ascended Masters Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Saint Germain and their teams to charge their MIGHTINESS, another word for BIG ASS CONSCIOUSNESS, into our words, we are fulfilling our purpose here.

I use to think we were like light bulbs of Divine Energy and Light.  Now I know that we are like HUGE MEGA LIGHTS.  When we gather together we could light up an entire city, resurrect the dead and move mountains.

The Violet Fire is a sacred flame of freedom transmutation and invocation.  Freedom means that we are completely free to be our magnificent selves without limit.  Transmutation is divine alchemy; it means that we lift something of a lower vibration, like hate and greed; into a much higher vibration, such as love and generosity.

Invocation is not only our divine birthright it is our divine mission.  We are the ones that pull heaven on Earth with our thoughts and our words.

We chose to be here at this amazing time when our old systems are falling apart to give way to a world that works for everyone.

We are opening up Your Ascension Academy’s weekly Violet Flame Invocation Circle to you.  I invite you to come and prayer with us every Thursday evening at 5PM (PT) for Divine Governance, health and wholeness, freedom for all peoples, abundance for all, and for our children.  You name it and we’ll pray about it.  If you can’t join us live, join us when you can on the replay.  That energy lives on and must fulfill itself.

If you are called to pray with us, join the Inner Circle today. Just click right here now.

The first month is free and after that there’s a small charge of $9 for admin costs.  It also helps me to keep track of you.  There’s some special spiritual gifts for you there as well.  You can step out  of the Inner Circle at anytime.




What is the Company of Heaven?

You’re an important part of the Company of Heaven.  The Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Mighty Elohim are a huge support to us.  If you need their support, you need to ask for it.  Because we have free will, none of these mighty Beings of Light will ever cross that line.  Ask for what you need.  It’s the first step and a very important one.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

Age of Aquarius and YOU

Are you ready to have your own experience with the power of the Universe?

There are many people talking, channeling, and making predictions about what is going on.  But the most important channel for you is YOU.  Your High Holy Self is waiting to give you everything.

You are a powerful conduit and conductor of Divine Energy. You are very important in this cosmic shift.

You are on a cosmic mission and you are probably starting to feel a strong pull in your Please heart towards it.

Are you ready to start participating?  Are you ready to be the channel for your own life?  Are you ready to step into the sacredness of your own temple and experience the power of your own divinity?

That’s why I have created a series classes on the Company of Heaven.  So you can step into your true place, as a precious and powerful child of the Most High and experience your Mastery.

The Seven Sacred Rays are your best tools for maneuvering through this Age of Aquarius.  The 7th Ray is the Violet Flame.  Let’s begin with this powerful Ray of Mercy, Compassion, Transmutation, Divine Alchemy and FREEDOM.

I am offering a FREEDOM MEDITATION with Saint Germain and the Violet Flame on Wednesday, September 30th, at Noon (PT).  This free call in your invitation to step into the Company of Heaven and experience it for yourself.  CLICK HERE to register now.

The Age of Aquarius began on May 1, 1954.  This 2,000 year cycle has only begun and it is changing everything.  We are finally stepping off the wheel of karma.

The hierarch of this age, Saint Germain and his twin flame Portia, are calling us, through mercy and compassion, into freedom; true freedom to be our Mighty, Glorious God Selves.

They are calling us to take our divine right place of co-creating with the Angelic Kingdom to re-establish the Kingdom of Heaven on this sweet Earth.

Their gift of the violet flame is a stream of Light right from the heart of God that we can use to release us from all pain, all hatred, all lack, all illness… you name it.

Let’s walk together as we deepen into this journey of remembering who we really are, Conscious Masters Presences.


Freedom Meditation – Saint Germain & the Violet Flame


Register for this free call here.

Reserve My Spot

You may be feeling as if you’re coming out of a deep sleep and reawakening.  

Do you have a sense that you are on a cosmic mission and you want to know what it is?

Maybe you keep finding yourself asking the question, ‘What is mine to do?”

Have you heard of Saint Germain, the 7th Ray and the Violet Flame and want to know what they have to do with you?

Let’s get some answers to these questions.

Join me at noon (PT) on September 30th for a Freedom Meditation with Saint Germain & the Violet Flame

Violet Flame Meditation


Register for this free call here.

Saint Germain, along with his twin flame, Lady Portia are the sponsors and directors of this age of Aquarius.

He is an Ascended Master and is the Chohan (Lord) of the 7th Ray.  The 7th Ray is the Violet Ray.  It brings us the gifts of Mercy, Compassion, Transmutation, Divine Alchemy and FREEDOM.  Freedom in every sense of the word.

Saint Germain has been human many times.  He has transcended the human condition as if now showing us how to do the same.

If you are an American, you may feel a heart connection with him as he was energy behind our “Uncle Sam.”   He was the prophet Samuel, hence the name. Saint Germain overshadowed the early American patriots in the framing of the Constitution and in the designing of our flag. He even anointed our first president, George Washington.

Also known as the Gentleman of Heaven, Saint Germain is helping us to get off the wheel of karma and to become God-Free.  It is happening NOW.

Did you know that you are a Master Presence,  right now?  There’s nothing more for you to learn.  It’s is time for you to remember who you really are and take your rightful place.

During this call you will:

  • Be washed in the Violet Flame, freeing up your body, your mind and your emotions.
  • Be in a safe place to let yourself open up and release
  • Begin to experience the buoyancy and light that the gift of the Violet Flame offers us.
  • Begin to feel your place in the cosmic shift we are now experiencing.

What people are saying

Alejandra Hein
Alejandra Hein
...this class is my answered prayer...

It has been a real blessing for me to have found you and through you the Company of Heaven. As I told you before, this class is my answered prayer. Deep in my soul I had this yearning to re-connect with the angelic realm.

Peter Ross
Peter Ross
Writer, Brooklyn, New York
my relationship to these teachings is very dynamic

my relationship to these teachings is very dynamic..the ideas presented take on life beyond the intellectual conceptual…