Tree Prayer

To the call of the winter, I surrender

All that is not full of life within me, I let go

Without my leaves life appears to be gone

I am very much alive.

My roots are strong, deep in Good soil

Rooted in stillness, in the silence

All good comes to me as I give way to the quiet

I surrender to winter


To the first song of spring, I rejoice

Out of the stillness comes new growth

Within my branches burst new understanding

New colors, new beginnings

I love this new birth, blossoms of springtime

Joyful anticipation of sweet fruit

I focus now on the new life within me

I rejoice in springtime


In the full sun of summer, I flourish

I drink in the sunshine, the long days of light

My leaves are green, they are lush, they are full

Full of purpose, full of life

I celebrate this good work, the fruit of my surrender

I celebrate the strength, the power of my being

My limbs bring shade & rest to the weary

I flourish in summer


In the sweet light of autumn, I am full, I am filled

My fruit complete, it is good, it is sweet

My weighted branches give way to the harvest

I give my gifts to the world

Red, gold & brown, leaves are falling

Back to the earth, back to the beginning

I now release all that I know

I am fulfilled in autumn


words by Jennifer Russell

© Remba Music 2015 (ASCAP)