What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for my friend?

Have you ever said this?

  • When I complete my book, get my blog up or get a new computer I’ll be able to work on my prosperity.
  • I have too much debt, when I pay it off … then I can be in the flow of abundance.
  • When I love myself more and get out of feeling unworthy …then I’ll be able to receive my good.

Postponing your good doesn’t make any sense.

Spirit never sees you as anything but perfect.  Spirit only sees you as abundant. That’s who you are, that’s how you were created.

I used to postpone my flow of abundance and true wealth.  “If God wants me to be prosperous then I will be…when this or that happens.”

Abundance belongs to you and to me right now.  The flow of money isn’t contingent on, when this or that happens.

A good friend of mine who is a spiritual master was right in the middle of chemo therapy when she told me that she couldn’t even think about prosperity or her dreams, until she completed her treatment.

As I shared with her that our good is never withheld from us, no matter what.  She started opening up to the possibility that even when she wasn’t bringing in any income she was already able to experience abundance.

When she was feeling better and thinking about going back to her old job, she realized that it didn’t fit her anymore and a beautiful new opportunity naturally came to her; like a gift, right to her front door. This new position brought her income, she loved the work and she could create her own hours as she continued to heal.

Here’s what Mother Mary says to us:

“Try your best to release the idea that money comes from anywhere else than from God.  God is your full supply.  Abundance doesn’t come from completing this or that…as a reward.  It doesn’t come from working hard and doing things the perfect way.  It doesn’t’ come from willing it to come.  It doesn’t even come after you feel worthy enough to receive it.  IT’S ALREADY HERE.

Beloved, it comes through your heart.  There is nothing to GET.

You are becoming masters at qualifying and radiating God energy; as you GIVE this gift of abundance to yourself and the world around you IT MUST COME THROUGH YOU FIRST. That is the way it works.

Begin right now radiating LOVE and ABUNDANCE from your heart to yourself and every situation in your life.  Then radiate it out to everyone and everything you see.

This is what it means to be the change that you want to see in the world.  GIVE the quality that your heart is calling for.  It is yours already.”

You are powerful and precious RIGHT NOW!

Leave a comment below.  Let me know what you are ready to stop waiting for.


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  1. Corinne
    Corinne says:

    Thank you deeply Jennifer Your inspired words touch my heart, as i feel a longing for a renewal in my life (work, place to be & intimate relation) and feel powerless to move on. Your smile insufflate energy to go on with angels’s guidance Blessings to you

  2. Scout
    Scout says:

    Thank you for this post.
    I so totally agree, and can offer a piece of my own experience around this.

    The way I heard this idea first stated was, “when you figure out what you really want, in your heart, find someone else who wants that as well, and give it to them.

    A few years ago, I was so frustrated at the fact that when a friend or colleague got invited to speak at a telesummit or some variation on “got seen”, while the majority of me was sincerely happy for them, there was always a little very sad and frustrated voice that said, “What about me? When is it going to be my turn?”

    I sat with this, and saw that what I was really feeling was unappreciated. And as I looked back over my life, I could see that this was a pattern that had played out over and over, and I get really over it.

    So I leaned into the teaching you are giving here, and decided to give what it was I most wanted. I asked about 12 people who had made a big difference in my life if they would join me on a call to discuss appreciation. We would record the calls, and both have them to use however we felt would be good – but it was set up on my site as a way to recognize them.

    Without them knowing my plan, we got on the phone and I spent the first 15 minutes telling them in specific detail what a difference they had made to me and how much I appreciated them. Of course, we all ended up in tears, but more to the point, so much appreciation had flowed through me that it had washed those channels of resentment clean, and left me feeling appreciated and appreciating myself in a way that I had in no way anticipated.

    It changed my life, to do that. Certainly changed my relationships, and my coaching work. It’s such a powerful strategy. Give what you most want. It has to flow through you to get there. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Thank you.

  3. Mary Ann Lerch
    Mary Ann Lerch says:

    Thank you so much. You have reminded me to receive to day and to open my heart and send out love and gratitude to everyone, and to my dear body and sore rib cage. My heart can radiate an abundance of love; as I receive abundance I can assuredly emirate some of it!

  4. Lakisha
    Lakisha says:

    Jennifer I love you so so so so much! I sometimes don’t know which direction to go with my life. I always feel some kind of powerful energy flowing through me and I don’t know what to do with it but its a good feeling I cant explain. I am a loving person with so much heart to give and I want to give more. I thank you for this message because it will help to direct that powerful energy I feel out into the world. As you spoke I just felt myself give you a BIG HUG I love your spirit Its like you were sent to me. Blessings on top of many Blessings you at a true Blessing to me.

  5. Marisa
    Marisa says:

    Amazing…again. Very much At the beginning of my spiritual path and it still hits me every time this happens: a ripple effect has led me to watch this at exactly the perfect time and day. Thank you mother mary and Jennifer

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