5 Day Angelic Spring Equinox Detox & Cleanse
March 16 – 20

Greetings Divine Beings of Light,

Welcome to my world!

If you are in need of a song to uplift your heart, or you are feeling stuck and need some clarity around what is yours to do, and you would like to discover your unique artistry, your song, that you are here to sing,  you have come to the right place.

I am the song of God.

Everything that I bring to you, if it’s a song, a prayer, a session, a cleanse or a class, is for you to know that you are also the song of God.

I live an open hearted life, led by Spirit.  And I invite you to join me  in opening your heart wide so that you can live your life fully.

So if you join me for a SOULEBRATION, my musical spiritual live events, or are interested in my quarterly 5 Day Seasonal Cleanses, or my Mystery School with classes on the Ascended Masters, Archangels and the Elohim, or perhaps a Free Clarity Session with Prayer, I welcome you into this community where we are dedicated to sing our eternal song.

I am here to uplift, empower, and transform the world with my songs that open the heart.

What are you here to do?  I am here to help you discover that.

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